A Dream to Live in a Developed India

Praneeth Vasarla | 22-May-2017

Foremost, I would start by asking, how many of you want to see India as a developed nation? I guess all of us, or maybe most of us want to live in this dream. Since our childhood, we grew up learning that India is a fast developing nation and it would not take much time for India to be a developed country. We grew up with a dream that one day we would emerge as one of the leading nations across the globe. And today, here we are, still fantasising that glorious dream. It’s now our turn to take the responsibility to teach our younger generation what our elders taught us, “India is a DEVELOPING country.” But honestly speaking, how many of us like to take this heredity? NONE. Most of us or all of us would have at least once in their life thought of this, “If India is a fast developing nation, why are we still DEVELOPING? How long will we continue to develop?” Well, the answer is quite obvious. Or at least, it seems obvious. So, I’ll try to throw some light onto this ‘obvious’ answer.

A dream to live in developed India

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So, one day I was with my friends and had no work to do (As of on most of the time, but that doesn’t matter, right? J), and we were just chilling out when one of us raised up a topic and made us all engage in a serious discussion. The topic was ‘Black Money’. It was then that I realised that most of us blame black money as the crucial reason for India not getting developed. Yeah, that’s quite a good reason. And for those people out there, who are wondering what the hell is black money, I would just say this, “Money obtained illegally is often referred to as black money”. So we know quite a few politicians who were accused of this notorious crime. There were quite a few cases in which the whole nation fired upon the illegal activities being carried out by our politicians. “Politicians are meant to serve the society and help for the betterment of the country.”, Yes, I agree. And I hope most of us, or all of us would agree on this point. But check this out, why should the politicians solely hold the responsibility of our nation’s betterment? Why shouldn’t we contribute? And as I told this, how many of us are really willing to contribute? Well, very few of us. We often get fired up on the dire situation of our country. We often talk about the corrupt officials. We often talk about the poor managing capacity of our country. But honestly speaking, how many of us are not corrupt?

Well, I know all of us, or most of us won’t agree the fact that WE, and by ‘we’ I refer to all of us, ARE CORRUPTED. Yes. We are corrupted. And now you would ask me “HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?”. Well, I have my reasons. But before throwing out my reasons, I would like to bring up some questions.

  1. How many of us honestly pay our taxes?
  2. How many of us follow the rules?
  3. How many of us are not offering the bribe?
  4. How many of us utilise our vote?
  5. How many of us dare to stand against any injustice?

If your answer for more than three of the above questions were “I do”, then congratulations sir, you are really a great citizen. But as I guess, most of us aren’t that great. You know what that means? Yeah, you got that. WE ARE CORRUPTED. And we proudly pass on this heredity of being corrupt to our next generation. Don’t believe me? Let’s see this then.

Most of us would have come across children who are often very irritating. (Trust me, I know the pain!). I would like to share one of my experience with you people. Once I was at my friends’ home and we were watching an important cricket match. And then his little sister popped up from nowhere and started crying, saying that she would stop crying only if she gets the TV remote so that she could watch her favourite cartoon show. We were in a dilemma. If we hand her the TV remote, we will miss the match and if we don’t, she will continue to cry and get us some freshly baked scolding from her mother (With some extra cheese, unfortunately!). Guess what we did? We bribed her!! Yes, you read that correct. We bribed her with a dairy milk chocolate and guess what, the chocolate did its magic! That was when I realised that it’s we who spoil our children, from their very childhood. We teach them how to tackle situations with a simple bribe.

So, what if we teach our children not to bribe from their childhood? What if we start following the rules? What if we don’t bribe the traffic police? What if we stop blaming the politicians? What if we START CHANGING OURSELVES?

Well, no big harm would be done. However, there may be a chance that our next generation (At least!) would be able to read in their textbooks that “India is also a developed country”.



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