The Mental Diarrhea

Ravi Tej Rai | 23-May-2017

The measure of success in Indian community is without a doubt, the amount of money you make and the kind of life you live with that money. Nobody gives a shit about what kind of person you grow up to become while trying to achieve these materialistic goals of life. I would not be wrong to say that words like trust, compassion, teamwork, honesty are completely lost on us. I would really like for all of us to be completely honest with ourselves and ask ourselves if we still try to keep these words meaningful in our daily lives and when I say meaningful, I mean not getting jealous with a friend’s success. It means standing up for what’s right and what’s wrong, it means a small thing as not littering and not offering a bribe, it means not eve teasing and not using your sex to gain undue advantages just to make your work less onerous. I know that, at this point, many of you would say that getting jealous is human nature, right and wrong are a matter of perspective and teasing is only for fun. To all such people out there I would like to remind that you are still illiterate. The point of education is not to get you a hefty paying job. The point is to make your mind broad enough to see through these social vices and to abstain yourself from doing these. Society progresses when it truly understands the meaning of these words and practices them in a day to day life. Everything else follows.

The Mental Diarrhea

Our parents taught us whatever was right according to their understanding based on their generation's beliefs and faiths. Since then a lot has changed and I feel that it’s time that we change these beliefs and establish new ones. I do understand that this path is not going to be easy, but it's achievable only through strivings and open discussions. Do not succumb to the wrong beliefs even if they are coming from your parents, teachers or through peer pressure, for you are grown up enough, educated enough and independent enough to decide for yourself. Have faith in yourself to identify these vices and fight them to be the miracle that society needs. Do not be afraid to walk alone if you have to. To all my crème de la crème peers, for you will be the one who needs to take the initiatives, I would like to put it like this.

Society teaches us to be a random variable a continuous distribution of accolades and achievements over the plots of our lifetimes whereas life wants you to be more than a mere stat. Society predicts on you, based on what you have done so far. Whether you go for a job or take a loan, everybody sees your past stats and predicts your future. Are we really, random continuous variables? A plot of achievements and failures or are we someone who is looking to break free from the daily monotony of life. Someone who is looking to give miracle a chance to overwhelm our lives with a dazzling potential, to break the usual curve of life and be an exponential among asymptotic functions. Life is lived with a possibility to exceed the limits of society and statistics. Life is more than what meets the eye. The stat is predictable and similar and controlled whereas life is raw, crude, overwhelming and MIRACULOUS. Living is breaking the curve of reaching the asymptote silently and realising to give miracle a chance to touch our lives, cause a touch of a miracle can do what generations of striving can't.

The miracle which I am talking about here is when there will be no poverty, corruption, evil practices, discrimination on any basis. The miracle is when those words will hold meaning in our day-to-day lives and when we would be willing to sacrifice money for these beliefs. Believe me when this miracle happens our individual lives would be filled with happiness and we would be at the zenith of social, technical and economic advances because once we overcome these evils and understand the true meaning of education everything else follows. This is only possible through brutal honesty and not with materialistic mindset. Whenever you are not able to decide between what’s right and what’s wrong always remember “TO BE KIND IS DIFFICULT THAN TO BE CLEVER” and the difficult way is always the right way. The moment you took the easy way you deviated from your path and pushed the society further into the abyss.

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