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Rajshree Das | 24-May-2017

Issues, problems, chaos, sufferings, diseases, can be found partying in any of the underdeveloped countries. However, this doesn’t mean developing nations like India or developed nations don’t have problems. No nation or individual live without problems or issues, and no one is unhappy losing them. Everyone is lucky to have some problems. The differentiator is that some complaint and others know how to deal with it.

Problems have their own perspective. For some students, passing an exam is an issue and for some, it’s about scoring full marks. Talking about nations, some are facing issues because of huge population, others are struggling because of the lack of human capital. Some countries have a huge land area, but most of it is uninhabitable. While in other countries most of the arable land has been lost to rapid urbanisation.

Some countries are very rich in natural resources, yet so backward and poor, that they sustain on aids from other countries. Some countries are peaceful and almost self-sufficient. However, their peace gets frequently disturbed by natural calamities. And, some countries have issues why their neighbours don’t have issues at all.

There is one inspiring story of Tomas Bata of Bata Shoe Company, and it’s one of my favourites. Tomas Bata sent two of his salesman to access the market potential in Africa. One was sent down the east coast and the other one down the west coast. One salesman reported that there is an issue, there is no potential as no one wore shoes. The other salesman came up enthusiastically and reported that there is a hell lot of potential. The local Africans loved his shoes and there are no competitors as well!

“Issues are nothing but a way of interpretation of individual minds in a current situation.”

India is holding places in different categories, along with other world leaders. There has been a significant improvement in the areas of economic health, science, service sectors, education, medicine, army, entertainment, and sports. Although India is shining, it’s still fighting with age-old cancers like feticide, gender inequality, dowry deaths, flawed education system, corruption, inflation, religious wars, and unemployment. Along with these age-old diseases, some new side effects are also showing up, due to increase in per capita income, massive urbanisation, lifted lifestyle, aping westerners.

There has been gradual yet concerning behavioural shift - people are getting short tempered, always in a hurry, no time for family, very less patience, and always in a rat race to achieve something yet unhappy. Let’s think of some issues, which are experienced by one and all, and solving them to the best possible extent. Having worked in corporate world for some time, we were made to think out of the box solutions for our problems. 

Out of the box

Precious time is getting wasted in every day’s traffic. Having said that, this time could have been invested in some suggestive. So this is mine out of the box solution for road traffic. The solution is an amalgamation of age-old car-pooling and technology which can enhance the user experience.

Since our life runs on Apps, why not build an App which can do the car-pooling in a personalised way. How about an App in which we can choose our routes and share with our friends and colleagues. Your friends can join you if their destinations are same (like office, grocery store, bank, etc.) or their destinations are en-route. As per your convenience and time to reach your destination, you can choose a number of co-travelers. While picking up - your friends know, how far you are, just like Ola Cabs. Mostly this App can help office goers. Otherwise, it can also be used for weekend trips to banks, grocery stores, malls, movie halls, hospital, etc. Instead of four cars, there can be one car on the road. You need not ask your friends and vice versa. Just share your route half an hour before starting and choose your co-travelers, who’ve requested to join you. Hope users will have fun using the App, as well as riding with their friends.

Another rampant issue which I see today is the mushroom growth of multi-storied apartments. They include both complexes and standalone buildings, and none of them is fully occupied. These concrete buildings are eating our green spaces, kids’ playgrounds, veteran’s hangout zone. The water level is going down rapidly and ultimately it is impacting our environment and climate.

While government’s intervention is needed, inputs and opinion of the public need to be taken into consideration as well. The administration shouldn’t allow promoters to build if a certain number of apartments aren’t occupied in certain areas. Most of our issues are inter-related. Less vehicular traffic and well-planned neighbourhood can solve our related issues and help build a healthy environment.

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