Sexual Harassment at Workplace - A Plague to Society

Siddharth Sehrawat | 24-May-2017

Every woman, at some point in her life, has experienced sexual harassment at the workplace. Men who try hard to indulge in sweet talks with the women trying to win them over, getting rejected by the latter prefer harassing them sexually. Why? They could not bear their offer being turned down, and this leads to the dangerous game initiated by such men with an unwilling player (of course the woman) who turned her back on the perpetrator.

Even though the fairer sex is making it big in every field you can think of; she is targeted in every possible sense by predators at the workplace. Ever since women have penetrated the corporate world, there’s been a steep rise in the number of cases of sexual harassment. There’s no escaping the fact that the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act has been operational for almost five years, but there has been no reduction in such cases at the workplace.

Sexual Harassment at Workplace - A Plague to Society

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As per the survey conducted earlier this year, it’s been found that of around 6100 participants (both genders), around 40% commented they had encountered sexual harassment at the workplace.

Of these, 65S% did not even bother to voice disapproval against such an unwanted, intolerable behaviour displayed towards women. The only reason why harassed women don’t complain to the management is the fear triggering in their minds to face revenge of the time of the day or consequences. Most of the defendants were from sectors like media, legal, medical, IT and others respectively.

Not only is getting a job challenging (especially for women), it’s a beginning of a nightmare which may never come to an end unless a woman sees no light at the end of the tunnel or gives up (for the sake of keeping her job and reputation).

Is sexual harassment at workplace invisible?

Certainly! And that’s what makes it so dangerous. Sexual predators are always on the prowl hunting their prey whether it’s day or night. They’re lurking everywhere around the corner and must be brought to justice when women complain about their unwelcome behaviour with the nature revolving around sex.

Be it India or any other country. Sexual harassment has become a threat to women who find hard to escape when their superior or colleague impose themselves on them. In fact, this problem seems more like a plague to society that must be wiped out from workplaces.

Fear is involved in Sexual Harassment because it’s not only about the physical attraction, it’s the power one thinks of brag about. No woman will ever want to be demoted or thrown out of the job, and this is the reason why they choose to stay silent when this grave concern should be brought to the management’s notice or higher authorities to take a strict, disciplinary action against the wrongdoer.

Watch Your Thoughts – Not My Clothes!

Atrocities against womankind are common in every country no matter it’s developing, developed or underdeveloped. This problem brings a negative impact on women that disrupts their day-to-day life. Even though men don’t fall into the exceptional category of being harassed for sexual favours, and other physical or verbal harassment involving a sexual nature, women are the species that have been made to feel down on the knees when such immoral requests are placed in front of them.

According to the definition by the Supreme Court of India, “sexual harassment” is any unwelcome sexual behaviour, which includes:

1. A demand or request to fulfil one’s sexual favours.

2. Initiating physical contact and advances.

3. Showing material of pornographic nature.

4. Sexually coloured comments.

The deep-rooted prejudice against women, or dislike for women, is something that makes men cause such favours which could leave that black spot on any woman’s character which they’ll be able to wash off even if tried hard. Misogyny or the hostility feeling a man carries for a woman gets her attacked (physically or verbally).

Sexual harassment should be termed as one of the social problems faced by women nowadays. Almost every individual is involved in finding the most effective solution to such a growing problem so that women can have the freedom to interact or chat with anyone at their workplace.

Companies in what you call the third-largest economy in Asia (supposedly India) are lawfully required to have sexual harassment policies functioning in the workplace, any woman, on whom the sexual favour has been imposed, does not proceed further. The risk of getting fired from the job holds her back or the humiliation she’s likely to get up close and personal with for the rest of her life.

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