The trolling service of India!

Stutee Mishra | 24-May-2017

Troll' means, an ugly cave dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf. This is the meaning of the word which is given in Google. In childhood, we all have come across the word in fairy tales and stories. But these days its meaning has changed, or we may say its meaning has become negatively modified according to modern thinking.

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According to Cambridge University, the meaning of the troll is someone who leaves an intentionally annoying message on the internet to get some attention or cause trouble.

Coming to the trolling word, it is quite common in our news feed of Facebook. Every day we find posts on Facebook about some or other person or a public figure, being trolled for a post or comment made by him. However, if we go through the comments section of some posts, we shall find that not only public figures but even ordinary persons getting trolled simply for voicing their opinion on any issue. Even if it is just a compliment on a picture posted publicly, there would be some people, whom we may refer as trolls, trolling the person for no good reason. Not only in India, even in other countries trolling has become quite common.

But first, let's focus on our country's trolling service.

Recently, Sonu Nigam made a comment on the Azaan of Islam religion on Twitter. The whole Twitter became a verbal battleground. Some wrote against him, some in his favour and some gave neutral comments. Some went a step ahead to ban his songs. Now in this situation, an actor who is the singer's namesake got trolled for no reason. In the midst of this battle, Sonu Sood, an actor who had nothing to do with Sonu Nigam's tweet, got trolled.

Just one day before this incident, the news was published on the internet that the CEO of Snapchat, Evan Speigel made a statement that he won't expand his business in poor countries like India and Spain. The veracity of this news is still not proved, but Indians lost their cool on being called poor. They suddenly became patriots and nationalists. So, they came up with a three-point program to punish the CEO. Firstly, to uninstall the app., secondly to give it a one-star rating and finally, to flood the reviews section with hatred comments by trolling the CEO.

In this case, too, the Indians committed another mistake, some mistook Snapdeal - an online shopping app. - For Snapchat and started trolling it too. They carried out the three-point program on this app too. And because of this, the Snapdeal app faced a huge loss. Even this did not satisfy the trollers, they went a step further and trolled the Snapchat CEO's fiancée Miranda Kerr who is of Indian origin. They mercilessly trolled her even though she had nothing to do with her fiancée's statements.

If we go back to the last year's trolling service of Indians, we would come across how Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan's newborn baby son was trolled just for his name. The actor duo named their son 'Taimur' after his birth. Suddenly, everyone on Twitter became historians and started referring to facts about a ruler called 'Timur' who plundered Delhi after defeating the ruling Tughlaq of Delhi In 1398. Unfortunately, the word 'Taimur' is synonymous to 'Timur'. The baby who had not even opened his eyes promptly became a victim of these merciless trolls.

There were some Facebook posts asking the trolls to not interfere in personal lives of others. They even requested people to stop trolling as it is none of their business whether someone is named Taimur or Aurangzeb. The trollers still didn't stop. They even trolled the pages with such posts. There were many comments filled with hatred.

It also happened in the year 2015 when Anushka Sharma was trolled because of Virat Kohli's poor performance in the ICC world cup's semi-final match between India and Australia. The trolls once again came with their service and constantly trolled Anushka for Virat's performance.

There are a lot of instances where Indians took up trolling almost as a birthright. It is true that some people post offensive things, but it is never wise to kill hatred with hatred. We can never imagine what impact it has on the victim. It may make them upset and discourage them.

Let's for once stop trolling others. And please before trolling, let's check the validity, importance or role of the posts or the person who shared the post. By trolling, people not only spread hatred but also prove the old adage – idle mind is devil's workshop!

Troll addiction needs to be checked before it creates serious problems.

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