Peer Pressure

Diksha Arya | 25-May-2017

We all are affected by people around us, sometimes inculcating good things in ourselves while sometimes the things that may harm us. We all know some or other thing about peer pressure. Just to add, peer pressure is the direct influence on people by peers who get encouraged to follow their peers by changing their attitude, behaviour, values to conform to those of the influencing group.

Peer Pressure

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We are easily influenced by others and even faster if those values are bad ones. I have heard my classmates saying that I got influenced by him/her and fell into bad company. But what is this all about? We always want to do new things, especially the ones we are not allowed to. And at the teenage years, we want to experience everything, be it love, smoke, drinks or anything else. Sometimes we make friends with people who are not good for us. They influence us in bad ways. They force us to have drinks, drugs or the things which are harmful to us. And we think that doing those sort of things make us look cool. At the teenage years, we think of our parents as our biggest enemies and our friends as “GODS”. But we need to realise that not everyone around us is our friend. Sometimes we aren’t ready to do certain things and say no to our friends, but in return, we are made fun off in front of everyone, and we do those faulty things just because we don’t want to be made fun of. We are afraid that they would leave us and just to impress them we come into pressure and do the activities that aren’t good for us. What is important is that we need to know what are the things which are good for us and the things which aren’t. We need to learn to understand the difference between the people who are good for us and who aren’t.

We all know what the things which may have a bad effect on us are, and yet, knowingly or unknowingly we do them. On our part, it is important that we have a good self-control ability. There will always be someone or other around us who may have faulty habits inculcated in them. We need to decide the priorities in our life. Peer pressure is something which can be harmful to us.

Till now, I have looked at the downside of peer pressure. But just as everything else, peer pressure also has two sides to it. The positives that we can take out of peer pressure is that sometimes we have really good competition among our friends. This thing helps us to improve ourselves and help us learn the good things. It also helps us to get good grades in exams or to get better in any field of our choice. So, the thing is that we need to know what are the values that we actually need to learn. That will help us to become a better person in our life. Peer pressure is both good and bad. But what we take out from it is which will determine the kind of person we are.

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