For me, Fagnum is

Fagnum | 02-Jun-2017

"For me Fagnum is WASI.
For me, Fagnum is (freedom of speech and expression),
(Appreciation and motivation)
(More and more likes)
(Writing and writing)
Long Live Fagnum.
By Navroop Kaur

For me, Fagnum is

For me, Fagnum is the Canvas of my Imagination, strokes of my brush, wings to my notions.
By Kaushiki Jain

For me, Fagnum is my living personal diary which asks me. "How do you feel right now about this?" and I can scribble my imagination and feelings altogether
By Omendra Singh

For me Fagnum is a drug, here I can express my feelings, deep thought and whatever I can.
By Amit Prakash

For me, Fagnum is my voice. Here I can express my feelings, ideas towards a particular vocation. It is for me encouragement to write.LIKE a true companion it has introduced to me to other aspects of writing.

For me, Fagnum is a platform where I can share my feelings, experience, where I can learn something from others. I can share some innovative ideas and innovatively exhibit my imagination.
By Sukrati Jain

For me, Fagnum is an abode for heartwarming tales, beautiful words, picturesque ideas and talented artists.
By Mithila Mhatre

For me fagnum is a place of creativity, it helps in taking out the inner talent of each person. It is a place of a wonderful artist and where everyone gets appreciation.
By Kaustav Banerjee

For me, Fagnum is that which gave me a chance to prove myself, which Gave me my first experience, which also gave me the best mentor ever, the first platform which I consider as the *Best*!!
Fagnum is the place where I can speak my heart out. I can be myself, and that is the best part about it.
East or West, Fagnum is, and will be the best!!
By Anuradha Deb

For me, Fagnum is my own space. It's my own sky where I can fly freely to any height.
Nishtha Mishra

For me, Fagnum is my universe, where I can speak without being judged, fly without my wings being broken, reach out to the limitless skies, fearless, not afraid of falling.
By Shreya Sarkar

For me, Fagnum is the realisation of my writing skills.
By Rachna Singh

For me, Fagnum is the best place for expressing our thoughts in words.
By Aswini Gopalan

For me, Fagnum is an inspiration which enhances my imagination and encourages me to write more. Fagnum for me is simply thinking with my fingers.
By Megha Tyagi

For me, Fagnum is something which cannot be described in words but helps to showcase my imagination. Every tale they give to complete makes me a better writer.
By Sanjay.

For me, Fagnum is not just a canvas of my Imagination. An ocean of my thoughts, a desert of my warm feelings, a forest of my dense dilemma but rather it's an echo of my heart. When my speech fails to express, When tears fail to fall, When my heart is heavy, and emotions get choked.
By Amisha Pandey

For Me, Fagnum Is The World For Expressing Your Unsaid Words.
By Shilpi Dey

For me, Fagnum is something which can't be described in words as I know words wouldn't be enough to describe. Fagnum is something which has given me to believe myself and gives me the confidence to bring out my hidden talent. It's been the best and most friendly platform I ever knew!
By Munazza Tahreem

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