A Trip To Goa!!

Anuradha Deb | 04-Jun-2017

Well being honest enough, I particularly had no such plans for the “GOA” trip about which my family had been planning secretly for months. And all of a sudden in the month of March 2017, I was aware of the fact that we are visiting Goa for about a week. I could not be happier after listening to this glorious news.

A day or two were left for all this fun to start. I was super-duper excited as this would be my first visit to Goa. Always I have heard and listened to stories like “Goa is the real place for fun!”. That is why I could not stop myself from thinking what all I will be doing out over there.

A Trip to Goa

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On 14th March we started our trip to Goa. I had my Holi vacations from my college, so it did not bother much about my academics. It was a flight from Kolkata via Bangalore to Goa finally. As soon as I reached the airport, I could not stop uploading pictures on facebook as I was extremely excited about each stuff happening over there and also because I am a selfie-freak! J

We made ourselves very clear on how we are going to divide the days to roam and visit the whole state. Goa being a small state lies on the western coast of India and was earlier the major trade centre of India. As we stepped out of the airport, we looked for a cab which would lead to our specific booked hotel. We started our journey to South Goa as our hotel was over there. Travelling has been my passion since my childhood. I love to travel and explore new stuff and places. So, it was indeed a very happy thing for me.

On the way to South Goa, I could see many cute cottages at the side of the road, various churches with all small and lovely gardens beside them. I snapped every possible moment. After an hour or so, we reached our destination. It was a villa sort of thing.

I mean I was in love with that villa. The villa also provided complimentary buffet breakfasts which included mouth-watering dishes. Being an all-time foodie, it was the best moment for me! J

We got our rooms and immediately changed into our required outfit and were perfectly ready for the beach. I was like “yay, yay, finally the beach”!

The beach over there was named as “Colva Beach”! It was indeed a splendid vision for my family and me. The beach wasn’t that dirty, and we all enjoyed ourselves while bathing in the sea shores. For about two days we made a stay in South Goa.

A Trip to goa

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Now it was turn for the North Goa visit. This is the place for the real and ultimate fun, which was said by guides over there. It is the place for all youngsters, where one can party around like all the time, all sorts of pubs, discos, etc. are over there and that is why for the youth, the North Goa is a better option as compared to South Goa.

As soon as we reached North Goa, we visited the respective places over there which were very famous, Places like Baga Beach, Calangute Beach. All these beaches were remarkable. The best thing about all these beaches is that a huge line of shops stood over there which did sell all kinds of traditional stuff, necklaces, neckpieces, clothing, etc. all sorts of girly stuff. This was the second best thing for me. Like seriously, what better than shopping all the time!

I did shop a lot. The stuff wasn't that expensive, so I did manage somehow. Another must-visit place in Goa is the “Saturday Night Market” which took my mind away. If a shopaholic like me visits such place, she would seriously go crazy!! That market sits only on Saturdays and starts at 6 pm and ends at 3 am.

The Tito's lane is one of the best street markets over there. You can actually get whatever you want, like everything. I even got myself tattooed. I mean the false tattoo thing from there. It costs around 100 bucks per inch, which is reasonable.

Also, there are few famous churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus.It is a wonderful church and a very peaceful place to sit and meditate.

We also visited the great Panaji city, also known as Panjim city, which is the capital of Goa.

Overall, it was a great trip. The only difference is that with family it is different and with friends it would have been totally different. Now, I am waiting for visiting Goa next with my gang!

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