The most adventurous travel with our kids we ever had!

Ekta Shah | 06-Jun-2017

If you are wanderlust, then you just can’t stay at one place for a longer time. The so-called ”Keeda” of travel will constantly prick you, and ultimately you will pack your bags and move out of the house. Unplanned and just close to nature!

The most adventurous travel with our kids we ever had!

Well, I will not assume myself globe-trotter but surely a nature lover. Nowadays the probability of moving out of the house is inevitable in urban areas. For us also it’s imperative to take breaks when we have already customised ourselves with hectic schedules, time-bound meetings, and uninterrupted traffic woes. Few Questions which might pop-up immediately:

Where can we escape?

Where can we release our stress and rejuvenate?

Options are myriad-Daycation at a resort on weekends, any place which is closer to you with less travelling time?

Lastly, a long-awaited planned vacation (if you have a school going children) or wait for any public holiday where you can combine a day or two to stretch it as a long weekend.

Most of the time this is the way a family plans a vacation. With so many commitments around it’s not easy to just move out anytime. I remember when I was single; going out for some trip (though it was limited) was never so planned. The one and only at utmost priority was a traveller’s bag and nothing else. Not even a packet of biscuit or water bottle even in the case of emergency.

But things have changed now and not being a single, or as a Mum, I know how much bags I need to pack before we head for any outing. Phew! Most of the time we prefer driving our own vehicle if the distance is within 500km (one way). I do answer many times when people question me,” Why you travel by car when you have an option to laze around in Train or Bus”. The only answer is that travelling with the own vehicle is always adventurous. You can stop at any scenic point, can take unlimited breaks and one must understand that with children these breaks are intermittent; you just can’t get over by these all the way.

Have you noticed the number of bags a Mum carries with her during the travel time? I will share. Foremost is the number of clothes as they keep spoiling in every hour, unlimited types of eatables, some packed food, milk packets, ketchup, Biscuit, cakes, Electric kettle, coloring books, a whole bunch of tissue paper, liquid soaps, sanitizers and not leaving aside many pairs of footwear according to place. Maybe I missed out few, but anyways the agenda is not to list travel accessories but a travel story.

And lastly, travelling by own car has a different kind of expedition comprehending in nature which is sometimes ferocious or quiet.

We started travelling with our kids as early when they were around 1 and three years old. Normally travelling in and around Karnataka is more of exploring nature and not a meeting agenda for family and relatives. We had travelled many parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala which are always on our hit list. Last year in the month of August we had travelled North Karnataka Belt. We covered it within the stretch of 5 long days. Even though we took the little longer way but it was real worth of time. We started from Bangalore-JogFalls-MurudeshwarBeach-Gokarna-Kundapura-WesternGhats-Chikamanglur-Bangalore.

We drove down these places with our two kids. Travelling with kids is little challenging but indeed memorable. You enjoy things through their eyes. I witnessed those mesmerising breathtaking scenes, expressions, the happiness which reflected on their faces by looking at God’s beautiful creation. And being close to nature is always bliss.

August is the good time to travel around and the arrival of monsoon at that time makes it more memorable and scenic!

Jog Falls is very famous place in North Karnataka and the second-highest plunge waterfall in India. It was pleasant weather when we reached there. In fact, Monsoon rain had already brought the beautiful change which you could feel and sense. We waited there for two hours and relished our evening snack at the government canteen and headed towards Murudeshwara Beach.

The most adventurous travel with our kids we ever had!

Murudeshwara is famous for a Giant Shiva statue and temple. The distance between Jog falls, and Murudeshwara is approximately 100km. Hills and dense forest surround the route. The Ghat sections, hair-pin bands, greenery, nature was a different experience for us. Our kids also enjoyed the way.

Actually, that was the first beach trip for our kids, and they were super excited to see. We had been to many hills from north to southern India but never planned any beach visit in those years. And being a water lover their excitement was at a peak. We reached there at night, and our stay was very close to the beach. We could feel the shores and waves. They were so beautiful even in the dark. Then the early morning at 6.00 we all were decked up to get into the waves. Our children were much excited than anything else or possibly that was the first experience for them to play in the sea other than artificial swimming pools.

And then it all started: the saga of getting into the water which didn’t stop for 5 hours till the local security guy made us get out of the beach.

Many times in a day we drenched ourselves with nature with no worries of weather and heat.

Next day evening we left for Gokarna Beach which is another beach with a distance of 80km (approx). I must say one of the longest belts of shore and filth free beach. That was another scenic place which is still alive with our memories.

Travelling with family is much different than travelling alone and so your perspective to enjoy surroundings. You enjoy every small thing which you might feel funny even to consider. My children were busy collecting shells from each corner, and by the end of the day they had two bagful of shells with them (though I never had such collection during my beach visit. Ha!)

The most adventurous travel with our kids we ever had!

After these three days of beach travel, we packed our bags and took the little longer route to come back. We chose route via Kundapura beach and Western-Ghats. I am not sure how many have really explored the beauty of the Western Ghats belt in Karnataka but it’s one of the must visit a place I can recommend. And not leaving aside the moving road parallel to Kundapura beach. Just WOW and amazing! Even though Kundapura beach is not much commercial but a deeper one where you can't get into the water but standing close to it with your hands open is nothing less than a Titanic feel.(one must try).

The most adventurous travel with our kids we ever had!

It was all about Crystal clear water, dirt-free zone, and fresh air to breathe what else we need to rejuvenate? For us, these basic things are nowhere lesser than luxury which we hardly get. Isn’t it?

We stopped there for almost two hours, or maybe we stuck to the place because of its beauty.

As we had to move ahead, ultimately we left all those beautiful shores which got permanently etched in our memories.

But that happiness was not short lived as we had something more to explore as one of the most beautiful Ghats: The Western Ghats connecting belt of North Karnataka. That journey of 6 hours within forest was another lifetime experience. The only challenge we had was no mobile signal and no eateries in between. After long hours of driving, we stopped at one coffee shop which was nothing like a saviour for us. That was amidst coffee plantations and where you can have a break for few minutes with one of the best Omelette sandwich and a hot cup of coffee.

The most adventurous travel with our kids we ever had!

This was one of the longest routes we had ever travelled by road and with kids. We started at 8 am and reached back home at one midnight. In between few limited breaks for lunch and dinner but it was worth it. I wish we could again plan the same belt again, but this time surely I will not miss packing a lot of food with us while travelling via the Western Ghats!!

Probably this was the only miss one way!!

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