Five simple ways to stay positive

Ayush Sinha | 08-Jun-2017

The Holy Bible says, "According to your belief, it is done to you", and the Bhagwad says, "A man is made by his belief, as he believes as he is". How beautiful these verses are! All of us have dreamt of those beautiful destinations. The destinations we want to get to, and the very same destinations for which we change paths, people, places and choices. The very same destinations that get us frustrated all the while. The very same destinations that do not exist in reality, but we make them with our own karmas. The Sanskrit word "Karma", too, is in itself a very interesting term. One needs to make out what the term is all about. Read between the lines, for I am going to bring some of the most profound truths of life to light.

Five Simple Ways to Stay Positive

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1. Believe in yourself- By saying believe in yourself, I am telling you to believe in your Karma. The term is indeed very interesting. Kri is a Sanskrit word from which the term Karma is derived. Karma means action. Every action is Karma. To think, to talk, to dream, to laugh, to comment, all are Karma.

Suppose you kick a football with one of your legs, and the football starts spinning and moving. Now think for a while, what the cause of the movement of the football was? Indeed! The cause of the movement of the football was energy. But what was the effect? The effect, too, was energy. It simply means that a cause is what becomes an effect in its other form. It means that a cause is what an effect is all about, and an effect can never be produced without a cause. Your Karma is a cause, and what comes back is the effect. Truly may have said somebody, "What goes around comes around". Do believe in your Karma, consistently think of what you want to achieve. Do think of the destination you want to get to. For a cause is what becomes an effect. The first step towards all your destinations is your belief itself.

2. Mould yourself to get a perfect shape- If a ring does not fit on your finger, you certainly get the size of that ring changed. The world is what it is. It can be changed overnight. So, what you need to do here is to get yourself in perfect shape. Change the way you treat others, change the way you interact with others, and the way should be such that you fit perfectly. For not everybody in this world is going to listen to you, and you needn't worry at all, for some people do not even listen to themselves. If some people do not even understand themselves, how can you expect them to understand you? Isn't it like casting pearls before swine? Of course, it is. It is high time you should be sensible enough to recognise others to tackle with each one of them in life.

3. Love yourself- It is indeed very true that if a person does not love themselves, they can not even love others. What you need to understand is that for giving love to others, you, too, need to have love in your heart. For making others happy, you, too, need to have happiness within you. For how can a beggar give riches to others? Is it possible? No, not all. Be happy and full of gaiety, as if you were a bird which can fly anywhere in the world. Love yourself, for you need to have what you want to give others.

4. Desireless and be compassionate- I have seen quite a few people in my life, who can quote even a whole library, but tell me one thing, what the use of that thing is which can not even be for others’ welfare. Stand by those who need you, for someday you, too, were incomplete without some people. Now the second thing is that you need to desire less. All you need to do is to believe in yourself. Do believe in your Karma, do believe that it is only you who are the sailor of your boat, nobody else. And believe me, you will always be a little more happy in life.

5. Be attached to the spiritual world- There are different levels of the mental ocean. Some of them are consciousness, super-consciousness and sub-consciousness. Each of the levels gives us a different experience. The world seems to be different in each case. It is a fact that we still do not know that we do not know about quite a few things. For everything is just perception, and the world exists relative to the mind. Do believe in infinite and in miracles. There is nothing impossible in the world, for we do not know what is hidden so far. Believe in your potential. Your soul knows about everything. It is for your soul that everything is done. You are a spirit and not a body. Never have you died, never will you die. You are omnipotent. All you need to do is to look into your own self. I bow down to such sacred souls!

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