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Sameer this has to stop now. I have been asking you to be normal, why aren’t you able to understand?

What you want me to do? Sameer asked Harsh.

To tell her how much you love her and. Tomorrow will be her last day here. I want you to tell her the exact feelings which you have. Harsh said

There is nothing new which I need to tell her. Sameer answered with a smile.

Soon there were 50 of them in the room, today was a small gathering of all the people whom Riya knew. She was going abroad to pursue higher studies.


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Are you planning to come to the Airport tomorrow? Riya asked Sameer

What time is it? Sameer asked though he knew everything.

Not important for you, don't bother. Riya replied

Well, I won’t be coming then. Do you need anything? He asked

No. She replied.

As Sameer started leaving, she prompted

Can I ask you something?

Don’t want to say anything stupid, so don’t ask anything, with that he chose his way out of Riya.

Soon he was lost in the crowd. 

Riya had tears in her eyes, the only thing which she wanted to listen from past four years was still missing. She knew there was something between her and Sameer. But he has always been that sick fellow who left her in the middle of everything. This was her last chance, but he again deserted her.

How are you holding up princess? Harsh asked Riya

Am I so bad Harsh? She asked with teary eyes

Are you stupid? Who said that? Harsh replied

No, it’s just that.

Harsh was speechless, he wanted to speak but couldn’t because Sameer was his best friend. He never wanted to hurt him.

Everyone was having fun in the party but Harsh thought of doing something, he wanted to bring Sameer and Riya close so that they could talk. He sent Riya by saying “Wear something that goes with the theme of the party” and for Sameer he thought of sending him straight to her room.

The Door knocked.

Come in. Riya replied she was having a problem in wearing the kurta which had knots at the back. She had called up Harsh to send Ayushi for help. But the one who came was Sameer.

Oh, I am so sorry. Her beautiful back was visible to Sameer. He was stunned to see her like that but turned his face towards the wall.

Riya was also shocked to see him. She simply wrapped the dupatta and came near to Sameer.

You don’t have to be sorry. She said

No, I should be sorry. I should have asked. He could not meet her eyes.

Hmm, Riya sighed.

There was a sudden silence in the room. They both knew something needed to be discussed, but Why are you sad, you should be happy that you are going to study abroad. Sameer tried to break the silence but started a boring conversation.

For this, you have come here? Riya asked him

What do you mean? He asked

Nothing, You should leave Sameer. People must be looking for you. She said with a straight face

Sure. He replied

As soon as he left the room, he could feel the pain of losing her. He knew this was going to be the end of everything they had. She would have a beautiful life ahead. He wanted to tell her everything he felt inside but he couldn’t. She was all he had till date. How hard it’s going to be for him without her. He wanted to kiss her but couldn't. He wanted to grab her but couldn't. He had started to feel the emptiness. But he never had the courage to confess how much he loved her. He knew he wouldn't be able to love someone the way he loved Riya.

He didn’t go to the airport. He kept cursing himself. She was constantly looking out for him, only if she could hug him and ask him “Was there anything which could bring him back”?

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