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Rumi is sleeping on the mattress which was divided by the saree hanging. Before getting up, she saw next to her bed for a while, and then hug her doll and gets up. She is helping her mother and while helping she start missing someone. Then she sits at the entry to her house and playing with marbles, she suddenly stops playing and sits still and keep on seeing the marbles in her hand. She drops a marble on the floor, and then another hand of the girl comes from the other side and start playing with marbles. Suddenly she gets a jerk and sees the marble lying on the ground and turn and see her mother who starts making her hair. She sits still for an awhile then she turns back and asks her mother about her sister, Ratna. Her brother Purna turn and see Rumi and then turn back again to comb his hair with a disappointed look. Rumi asks her mother again about Ratna then her mother tells her that she is in swarg and enjoying her life. There is the conversation of Rumi and mother upon swarg. She was also telling her that one day she also have to go there. Purna gets aggressive and in his loud voice and tell her not to show her false dreams, and walk out of the house. There is silence for a while then Rumi can’t resist any longer and start asking more question about swarg.


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After listening to her mother, she starts fantasising about swarg and the luxury life there. She doesn't talk about this with any of her friends. She uses to sit in the corner with her doll and keep on dreaming about the swarg.

One day Purna enter the house injured badly, blood all over his white shirt. Mother came running to him and start wiping the blood from her saree, Purna stops her, and he went inside the house. His mother then comes then come with a clean cloth and the medicines, and start putting on his injury. While putting she was asking him about all this on which Purna get more aggressive and revert saying about Ratna and her situation. While Purna was saying things to his mother, father came in the house, seeing him Purna stop saying things to his mother. Mother gets up and leaves towards the kitchen. Rumi enters and saw his brother and ask him about it, and they talk for a while.

Mother gave water to her husband and stand there till he finishes and gives her the lota back. After finishing the water, he sits for a while and then while giving glass back tell her that tomorrow Mr Patel is coming. She gets shocked and asks him the reason. Then he tells her that to see Ratna, as she is 14 running and there are issues for money. As they were talking Purna leave the house in aggression and sit outside next to the house and keep listening to the conversation. Mother call Rumi and tell her about Mr Patel uncle, as he is coming to take her to swarg. Rumi get excited but sad also as she has to leave her mother and brother back. She was excited, so she was

Cut to lantern glowing.

Father is walking in the whole house waiting for Mr Patel to come. Purna aggressive and he is in his own thoughts. Father get up and take out the radio and while dusting it ask Purna to cool down and to behave properly inform of him. Purna after listening this left the house in a hurry. Rumi is getting ready and dressing her doll also. Her mother comes to her with the box filled with a ladder and starts making her ponytail, and she is playing with her doll.

Two candles get finished, father gets tensed, so he goes out for calling Mr Patel from the village phone booth. It was raining so he takes the banana leaf to protect himself. He called twice, but he didn’t receive the call. He came back with his sleeves wet. Rumi asks her father about uncle, so he said that he is not receiving a call and as mother and father were having a conversation they saw someone coming to their house. When he came near they figure out that is Purna, father shout on him for going out in so much rain, he tired and in aggression see Rumi for a while and calm down and go to the back gate of the hut and in the backfield in sit on the floor. And then take out the dagger and blood is there on it which is being washed away from the rain water. And then he digs it.

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