Unending Ends

Kaumudi Tripathi | 06-Jul-2017


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She was spell bounded and scared, and then suddenly few lights were switched on.
It was Sameer!

She didn’t know how to respond, the moment, for which she was not at all ready, had finally arrived. He had a mischievous smile on his lips, and his eyes were fixed on hers. This was the first he was constantly looking at her.
She went speechless out of shock and had tears in her eyes out of anger. Her throat had choked up.

Riya, what you wanted to ask me then, ask me now? He asked her.

She cried and punched him tight into his face.

That hurts Riya, seriously. He said

So you understand what pain is? Do you really understand how much it hurts when she left the sentence incomplete?

I don’t want any incomplete sentences this time Riya, it has been long.. very long since we have faced each other. It’s the right time to face and speak, and no stones should be left unturned. I don't want that "so close, yet so far" to prevail here.

No, I don’t want to, you actually don’t deserve it. She was angry.

Before you scream, shout or punch me again. I just want to say Sorry, I know whatever I have done is wrong and immature, but I didn’t know how to get about it. I created this whole story that your parents were worried about you. I knew you would easily fall for this. I did this because I wanted you to get an answer to your question. And this was the place where it started so better it should end here. And yes to your surprise, Harsh also helped me in this. When you meet him, you will know that too. He winked at her.

Yes, everything is a joke for you? You don’t deserve any questions and answers Sameer. You don't deserve my time. You don't deserve. She was about to speak "me", but she stopped.

After a little pause. You are a coward. She said with a heavy voice.

You should stop crying now, I know I was wrong, but I wanted to figure out something. I wanted you to feel the same pain which I felt when you left me alone. I wanted you to understand how one feels when the only person, whom he trusts more than himself, walks away and leaves him alone. I wanted you to feel that emptiness. I wanted you to realise your inner feelings about me. I knew I might fail here, you might start hating me, but that emotion will be genuine. I know I am selfish, but there is nothing selfless Riya. Even if you hate me I will accept it but I want you to seriously think about you and me, about us and this is the only way with which I could have forced you to think the same.

Out of disappointment and sadness, Riya started to speak, but Sameer had to stop her because the moment demanded them to be together and not to fight.

He came close to her and kept his fingers on her lips just to stop them. He succeeded in stopping her from speaking but failed to stop the flow of the tears. Those priceless tear drops kept on flowing and was clearly depicting how much Riya felt for Sameer, how lonely she felt without him. 

He came closer to her, maybe to fill up that emptiness which he created just to make her understand how much he needed her for his life to be complete. He wanted her to feel the closeness of their soul now, the untouched feelings.

I want to tell you something Riya
“I really don’t know why I behave like this when I am around you, remember that day we accidentally met in the room when you were changing? She nodded. I wanted to stop you from leaving me, wanted to make you feel how empty my inner-self was feeling, how painful it was for me to see you leaving me. But I know I failed miserably to make you understand or feel the same.
I wish you could read my eyes then. They were burning in the hope that you would stay back and would not leave me alone. I needed you so badly. You left me and my soul left with you. I was heartbroken Riya, and I failed to stay back like that. I don't want to cry for the rest of my life Riya, don't want to spend my life without you.

She was again speechless. She knew he would melt her heart as he had that awe and aura even though she was angry with him.

Sameer, you never let me complete my sentences. You have a bad habit of deviating me, as right now I was so mad at you but your sudden appearance in my life changed the whole scenario. I thought I would never meet you. I know I m insensible to you, but yes your sudden departure had shaken me. I always thought one day I would get a call from you or just a little message. Am I so demanding?  Why you always fail to speak Sameer? Why you always make me feel miserable?

But yes this time you made me realise how important it is to know your inner feelings and to express them to the person whom you want so badly. The more you express it, the lighter you feel and the happier you become. I tried to run away from this, thought time would make everything alright, but I should have talked to you that day when you came to my room while I was changing. 

Sameer just nodded in acceptance and his forehead touched hers.  She smiled, he smiled. They were looking deeply into each other’s eyes and finally, everything started to look perfect. He finally succeeded in making her feel how much he loved her without even saying the same and also the tears in her eyes and the smile on her lips showed that she even reciprocated the same

This was their end of lying and running away from each other.

This was their end of waiting for each other. 

This was their end of endless fights and sleepless nights. 

This was their end of unasked questions and heart-wrenching answers.

Their unending story eventually ended and those magical words filled up their hearts and made them beat for each other.

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