A Girl's Speech

Kaumudi Tripathi | 08-Jul-2017

To be or not to be is a strange question when you are in your adolescence.

We get a lot of suggestions from everyone around us but yes when someone says be anyone but don't be like us, then believe me guys it will strike you the most. And especially when your parents tell you not to be like them, it hurts the most. My parents said the same thing to me.

I am not an orator, but yes I would like to share something on this day.

A Girls Speech

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My name is Navya. I always dreamt of becoming someone who is personified and being given an example off to others. But believe me standing over here I don't think I am so mature. I tried to follow those footsteps which would make me a better person and would give me an identity. I know by sitting in front of media, I am only allowed to say such things which are politically correct. But sometimes the words are more correct rather than being beautiful and true.

Both my parents used to work in coal mine factory where they used to get a 200 rupees salary and the highest was 5000 rupees as a monthly wage when they left their job out of incapability to work. I was their only child. Slowly as I grew up, I got to know the truth of our society as I was a girl child. My identity as a girl was a punishment and sin for the society. My parent's financial condition was not very good.

But, yes they didn't listen to any of them even not to my grandparents who never wanted me. They sacrificed their lives to make me a better person. I still remember whenever I used to score less or fail in any of the subjects my father used to cry by hiding his face and punished himself by working 18-20 hours continuously which I realised later on. He thought working for this long will help me in some or the other way. 

I am an IAS officer today standing proudly in front of you all, but how dumb was I when I couldn't understand the pain behind my parents struggle. They received hatred from the society as they were raising a girl child without the society's permission. How cool was that?

They listened to their heart, and I know every person sitting here must have seen some struggle done by their parents but we hardly acknowledge that. We only show as if it was their duty to raise us, it was their responsibility to build a scenario where we can move freely. How less we tell them that how much we love them and no matter what happens to us, they are the only ones who will never judge you. For them, we are the only hope and only lifeline for which they will they cross any limit.

I was also like you people. I only thought they are my parents and they are supposed to be at my side no matter what. They are here to protect me, not because they want to or feel for you but only because I am their culpability. They are not doing something extra. They are my parents.

But today when I look at them I feel so suffocated and distressed. You want to know why because while I was busy in making my future and blaming them as they didn't give me a normal life, leave luxurious not even a mediocre life. My parents kept on shielding me in such a way and kept on doing their duty, in that process they lost their eyes and hearing capacity in an accident at their workplace.

They are sitting here, but they don't know the reason behind that. Their palms have become so hard that they can't even feel my touch. 

I may be a reputed officer today, but I failed as a child. I wanted to see their happiness but see my luck when I have everything I don't have them. I want to make them feel proud of me, want to make them see how much respect this world is giving me now but how to make them feel that.

She left the stage and moved towards her parents. They could neither hear her nor see her. She had tears in her eyes which felt on her father's palm and he sensed something wrong and hugged his daughter.

They sacrificed everything in their lives just to make her stand on her feet and face the world, but when it was their turn to feel proud of her, to see the heights she had attained, they lost their senses.

There was no clapping as everyone was lost, trying to figure out the true meaning of life and most of them had tears in their eyes.

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