Entangled aroma of Love and Lust

Nida Saqib | 10-Jul-2017

She was sliding her toe on my leg giving me a hard time in the middle of the conference. She was taking advantage of being a boss in the hall, While others were concentrating on the slide she was concentrating on my love stick. The room was cool due to AC, but my body temperature was hot all because of my lady. Her eyes were speaking the language of love that she was craving and my lips were getting dry in the thirst of heavenly juice that would be served through her lips. Looking deep into my eyes, she moved towards the door asking me to follow.

Entangled aroma of Love and Lust

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Giggling and smiling devishly was she moving while I was getting lost in her beauty. I clutched her with the wall while she tried to move away to tease me more, but all her zest gone in vein as it was my strong love to hold her like that there and then.

As I kept my lips on her neck, she gave her first moan which I was craving for so long. Sucking the silk which she carries I was losing my sanity. Looking at the peace on my face she ran towards the end of the hall, and I was just left there only to watch her move away as she mocks me from far towards the door. As she moved under the rain, the first drop took the way which was moving towards her cleavage. I knew where it would rest and that gave me a hard difficult to resist. It must have rested on the softest thing that I love, the thing that is hers but belong to me for I am the one to play with the.

Every drop was adding beauty to her anatomy, the way they were settling on her body was like pearls being etched on her. Her well-fitted top was flaunting her curves as if they are made only for me to lust. Dancing in the rain, feeling every single thing through her breaths and soul she was looking like the goddess I adore.

As I took the steps towards her, she ran towards the car like a small girl to let her friend catch her. I was just walking slowly getting hypnotised by every version she was showing, the baby girl and the mature lady both were in the same body. And finally, I increased my speed to catch her, clutch her against my car.

Fingers were intertwined, breaths were falling on each other's lips, and the eyes were intoxicating. Step by step, inch by inch I decreased the distance between our lips. They were dancing in rhythm, exchanging the saliva together with the essence of our soul we were giving up on ourselves just to win the each other to fill the void that our spirit had formed.

"They are coming here only" she whispered in my ear while we were still in the middle of our kiss.

"Who", I asked turning back. "Oh damn! Let's move before they see us in this condition".

"Alcoholic condition?" She giggled.

"Good evening sir and ma'am", our employees said.

Leaving us or at least I intrude into the mother earth as I was all messed up and her lips were well messed up by me. But she was laughing watching me get embarrassed. She kept her hand my head and moved her hands messing my already messed hairs while making a face as if I am the cutest baby she had ever seen.

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