An extra marital affair

Harshita Sevaldasani | 16-Jul-2017

I was walking off the street with a rhythm in my heart and a story in my soul. I carried a couple of shopping bags in my hand and was walking back to home. I wore a short kurti and jeans not salwar suit even after two and a half years of my marriage. Nothing new,  nothing strange,  my husband allowed me to wear trendy dresses followed by maintaining the standard and goodwill of the society. 

I was walking lost in the thoughts that suddenly I rushed into a boy and fell. I returned to my senses and realised the boy too was lost in the phone.  He looked quite young, fair and tall.  He wore frameless spectacles and carried a branded grey bag.  He was quite skinny, and his clothes were funky.  He gazed at me in fear and with an apologising tone he quoted, 

An extra marital affair

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"I'm so sorry ma'am. I was looking into the phone while I bumped into you.  Are you okay? "

He woke up on his legs and offered me his hand to lift me up. I smiled a bit and held his hand, and he helped me to get up.  I was cleaning my dress for my jeans got decorated with bits of dust and dirt on it. Meanwhile,  he picked up my shopping bags bending down and handed them back to me.  

"Thank you so much" I muttered while he helped me to defend the pain in my back, I'd have received if I'd have bent down to pick up those bags. 

"I'm so sorry" he repeated his words as he felt sorry for making me go through those patches of dust.  

"Arey,  it's okay. I was lost in my world as well" I flaunted with a smile. 

He smiled a bit and left with a "Take care."

Walking back to home, I bought few more articles and ringed the bell of my house.

I got the worst ever surprise of my year.  All my in-laws were waiting inside to parade me.

They welcomed me with widened eyes and amazed. My clothes were over fashioned according to them, and I was an ill mannered daughter in law for I wasn't wearing my Sindoor, Mangal Sutra and bangles.

My husband 'Randheer' was standing with his hand placed on his bent head.  I was scared, and I bent my head as well.  

After a course of dissatisfaction and disappointment, i walked in my room to wear a fucking saree,  bangles, sindoor,  mangal-sutra to get back in a village bahu look to satisfy my in laws!

While I was almost ready in the traditional look, Randheer walked in.  He gave me an intense look, and I bent down my head again. 

"Why are you misusing the freedom allowed by me? " he quoted harshly.

"But,  I've the right to wear what I like.  I don't know why your family is still so conservative by nature? "

"Better keep your mouth shut and try not to disappoint me this way the next time."

"But.... Randheer... " 

He left the room before I could complete my sentence and I sat in my room with complete despair and disguise.

This wasn't something that was happening the first time. He often uses to scold me,  get angry at me even when the mistake was not mine.

A couple of days later when I was alone at home, finally free from the burden of in laws, I was sitting and wondering about a story to write. I had completed a part of it, but it was yet incomplete. The story was a love story where the boy loved and cared her girl. The story depicted the filling voids of my unsatisfying life.

"Ting tong" the bell regained my attention as I got up and opened the door. It was the same boy whom I bumped into a few days ago.  

"Hello ma'am" the boy began the conversation.

"You?  Here?" I asked with a question mark on my face.

"Glad to see you again. I'm here to repair the PC. Mr Randheer Ahuja called me." the boy continued.

"Oh, please come in" I greeted him politely. 

He came in and started repairing the PC. Sometimes he does a click on the mouse and sometimes a tap on the keyboard.  And after half an hour he informed me that he was done with PC. He cleaned the viruses and few corrupted files.

I offered him a coffee as he refused to take the money because of some good business relations with my husband.  

I made a light cup of coffee for him and served him with a smile.  

"Thank you." he said. 

"By the way,  are you a homemaker?" he continued after a pause.

"I write articles for a magazine" I replied. 

"What's your name?" 


"I must say the coffee's taste is fabulous but lesser than your beauty."

This paused me for a while like I was amazed to hear this.  But this felt good to be praised this way. Might it be the coffee I made or the compliment for my beauty? I got married at 21. No boyfriend or any special one to embrace me and my husband never gave me that good attention or care or love.

I smiled, and just smiled, almost blushed. It was the first time for me.  He looked at my smile and continued.

"Looks like the pretty lady haven't been told about her ssuper powers he added. 

I smiled again without uttering any word. 

He got up and started pondering over my works. The story I was writing and the sketch that I made.  He looked at them with so much of interest and started asking me about them.

I told him about my work, and he lent me his ears with his best concentration. Within an hour we started sharing and giggling.  He told me about him,  his work and his struggle and so me. 

We were standing aside over my book, and he turned to me and started looking right into my eyes. My heart beat started beating fast.  He moved a step closer, and we were just an inch far.  I could hear his breath, and his fine glowing skin almost attracted me towards him. 

As the clock was ticking,  we were bounded by a complete silence.  He slided his hands around my waist gently, and I could not stop him. Somewhere,  I craved for love,  care and respect and so he turned out to be one of a fascinating person to be around.

He pulled me closer, and I felt butterflies in my stomach.  His lips moved closer to mine, and I closed my eyes.  Finally,  I felt his lips tasting mine with the full passion.  I held his arm and enjoyed the aroma of love.  For 3 to 4 minutes we were lost in each other.  His hands constantly kept moving around my waist, and I held his arm and kept moving my hands to the shoulder.

"ting tong" fuck bell.  Disturbed us.  But we were back to our senses and felt a bit embarrassed. 

We took a step back, and I rushed to open the door.

It was the postman to deliver the post.  I received the post and closed the door again. Meanwhile, he took his bag and rushed to the door and waved a goodbye with a smile.  He was quite scared, and so was I.

He left, and I kept on thinking about him. Did I do wrong?  What made me do so?  Am I guilty of Randheer?  Should I tell this to Randheer?  While being lost in all such thoughts,  Randheer finally arrived. 

He looked quite stressed, and without having a word with me, he changed his clothes and went to sleep.  I was quite amazed to see this behaviour of Randheer. He didn't eat food,  didn't even had a word with me. I went into the bedroom and looked at him. He was tensed, and for a while, I thought as if he came to know about the kiss.  

I summoned all my courage and sat next to him. 

"What happened Randheer? " I asked in a soft and firm tone.

"Nothing,  just mind your own business" he replied with really a harsh tone. 

I almost burst out in tears.  I couldn't take it anymore.  He never treated me the way I deserved. I wasn't his maid after all.  After today's incident, i started feeling, even more, love lorned.

Tears began to flow, and I began sobbing.  He couldn't see me crying, and he melted.  He caressed my hair and hugged me tightly.

"I'm sorry," he said. 

"I didn't mean to hurt you.  I was stressed because of an argument that I went through with a senior. Don't cry Sammy" he added. 

It was the second time I was crying in front of him.  The last time I was in tears in his arms were when I was about to leave for my home after marriage, and my Mumma was crying so hard.  But it felt good this time.  He loved me.

"I'm such a bad husband" my tears made him feel guilty. 

I went on crying, and I couldn't even resist. Tears slipped down and so his anger. He hugged me even tighter and rubbed my back. 

"I shouldn't have talked with you that way.  I know it was none of your faults. The fault is all mine.  I never treated you the way you should be.  I tried to keep you happy. But I never shared a moment of love with you.  My parents got me married with you without my will. But you sacrificed a lot for me too. I'm sorry samayra. I'll try to be a good husband from now on. Please stop crying." and with few of his words, he won my heart.

And after this, we ate together, and he made me sleep with love.  It never felt so nice with him. I felt guilty of cheating on him, but I decided never to repeat this. I realised a relation is made of trust,  love and care and we both need to develop it equally. He had responsibilities, and so sometimes he turns out to be rude. But he's a good man. Unlike his family he allows me to follow my heart.  And after this promise, I decided to keep him happy, to love him whenever he feels tough and low. Love is the ultimate cure, and with this, I ended my one-day extra marital affair. 

I decided not to tell him this ever and make our relationship grow stronger and lovable.

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