The Lynched Love

Surbhi Bafna | 20-Jul-2017

The Lynched Love

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The scrumptious aroma of a variety of cuisines was wafting into the air. The clinking of wine glasses and chuckle of the ladies was slowly bringing the evening into the party mode.

"Ladies and Gentleman! I welcome you all to this wonderful evening in the name of my lovely daughter Asha", Major Karan Singh announced grabbing the mike.
He continued, "She is an ideal daughter and I'm so proud of her. Her little feats are big achievements for me and here is this evening to celebrate her graduation."

The cheerful Asha was elated to hear Major's words. She was thanking God for being so kind to her. Asha was looking very elegant and beautiful in the white gown.
Major came to her and said, "You are looking just like your mother, my love." Asha's cheeks flushed red and her heart pranced with joy. She thanked him and hurried to bring a platter of Major's favourite kebabs.

"Dad, here's your food", she called him pushing her wheelchair.
"Oh, you are such a darling!"
"It's so nice here, Dad. Thanks for this grand welcome."
"I'm just obeying your Mom's wish", he winked.

The guests poured in with presents for Asha and the duo was just ecstatic. The party ended with empty glasses and half-stuffed platters.

Asha sat in her room with the heap of presents in front of her wondering which one to unwrap first.

Major knocked the door, "If I'm not wrong you are having a hard time to decide where to start from?"
Asha laughed,"Yes Dad!"
"Don't worry, I have got something for you and you should start from this only."
The surprised Asha widened her big eyes at the small envelope and snatched it from his hands, "Thank-you Dad!".
Major just laughed at her innocence and left the room.

Asha opened the envelope in haste to find a pale yellow letter, seeming very old.
She opened the letter and read.

Dear Asha,

Many congratulations my love for graduating from the elite college. We are so proud of you, our little star.

By the time you will be reading this letter, I might not be there in person to hug you. Here's a big hug from mom and me to you.

We both have always aspired to graduate from some niche college. Your mom's love for books has made me buy two more cupboards. You can always pick any one of them and feel like it's mom reading to you. And that table lamp is me, sitting beside you. Doctors have said our injuries are serious. But don't worry my child. Major has said you will recover soon. Be as gentle as your mom. Be kind to everyone irrespective of their caste or religion. Don't seethe with anger but with paper. Be nice and compassionate, my dear.

With eternal love
ASeem n disHA

Asha sunk into hollowness for a while remembering the past events. But she quickly slipped back into her conscience. She pushed her wheels towards the table, gently switched on the table lamp, took out the fountain pen from her drawer and made her mind to write another story. She uncapped the pen and wrote, "The Lynched Love".

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