Journey to the beginning of universe

Aakanksha Jain | 22-Jul-2017

Journey to the beginning of universe

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“Hi Kiara, we are going for the movie night out, and you are joining us,” Adah said on the call.

“Sorry, Adah! But I can’t join you. You know that I am working on a project.” Apologised Kiara.

“Don’t talk to me. You always do that. Did you realise that we haven’t gone for an outing for last four years? You have the same excuse every time. I think you have lost interest in our friendship.” And Adah disconnected the call.

Kiara felt really bad, but she wasn’t left with a choice. She had been working on this project for ten long years. She managed to give proper time to her relations and her best friend Adah for six years but then her passion towards her project left her blind towards everything and everyone else.

She worked in an office in the daytime to earn her livelihood, and as the sun reached down the horizon, she reached her laboratory. She was working on TIME-MACHINE. Yes, a machine which enables you to travel in past and in future. And today, she was on her final step. She was about to take the first journey of the machine today. She was both excited and nervous simultaneously. But the reason for her invention was different. She didn’t want to visit future. She wanted to visit past.

Ten years? NO.

100years? NO.

1000? 10,000? 100,000 years? A big NO.

She wanted to travel millions of years into the past. The time when BIG-BANG happened. Reason? Because everyone knows that big-bang was the reason of the beginning of the universe. But how did big bang happen? She had read many assumptions but wasn’t satisfied by any. She wanted to visit that time and know what exactly happened.

And now was the time when she was so close to her dream. How could she go for a movie? So, at her usual time, she reached the laboratory. It looked like a small room if one visited there. But there was a hidden hall behind the poster of Sir Albert Einstein.

She entered the time in the machine and sat on the seat of the machine’s cabin. As soon as she pressed the ‘green’ button which was to be pressed when all set, the machine disappeared, and so was Kiara.

Kiara got frightened by the speed of the machine and shut her eyes. The very next moment, she felt complete silence. She opened her eyes. Yes. She had reached in the past. All she could see was a giant dense illuminated ball surrounded by black matter and nothing else. She was just above the bright ball which seemed a flat surface because of its size. So, she was in the time zone when big bang didn't happen. But she was amazed because according to her estimation, the explosion should have been started by this time.

Kiara was lost in such thoughts, and suddenly, her machine failed. Its parts started getting disjoint and went towards the giant ball. As soon as they touched its surface, the ball started getting deformed, and within minutes it blasted into pieces of different sizes.

Kiara was horrified. She didn’t know what to do. How would she return to her time zone? What if a hot body passed by and burned her? She kept on pressing the green button in confusion. To her surprise, the machine worked. Within seconds, she was back in 2017.

She came out of the machine and left the hall. It had become too hot. But soon after leaving, she heard the sound of a blast from the hall. She returned and saw that the machine was no more a machine but just scraps of various metals and alloys.

Next day, Adah came to meet her. She was shocked by Kiara’s awkward behaviour.

“What happened? Why are you so lost? Is everything alright?”

“Yes. Nothing happened.”

“Yesterday was your first-time journey. What happened? Did you find your answers? What was the reason of big bang?”

“Yes, I know now. But you won’t believe me. And even if you do, no one else would because I don’t have any proof.”

“Tell me, darling. I’ll believe whatever you’ll say.”


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