The soul and its five mysteries

Ayush Sinha | 24-Jul-2017

One of the greatest reasons behind one's misery is one's inability to understand one's own nature. A perfect man gets deluded and hypnotised to start thinking that he is imperfect.  He starts his journey in the world that has been perhaps much far away from the truth since the very first day. So hypnotised are we that we start thinking that it is the real world. Read between the lines. I am going to cast light on the facts you may never have been aware of.

The soul and its five mysteries

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1. Understanding the reality of your life: Not all the tendencies of a human being can be explained through the concepts of modern science. You may not have the answers to the following questions. Let us talk about them today. Why has one man been happy since his birth and another has been facing miseries since the very first day? Why is one man born rich, and another is born in beggars' family? Why is one child born with all his perfect body parts, and another is born with some disability? These questions may never be answered through the concepts of modern science. So, here is what our Rishis said. They talked about the law of causation. Every single effect in this world should have its cause. It is a very certain thing. So, there must be some cause of a man's disability, misery and strength as well. It is indeed very true that everything happens for a reason. What does make a part of the body of a newborn imperfect? How can a newborn have some tendencies such as claustrophobia? Height scares the baby, and a bathtub becomes an ocean to him. So, the Rishis said that that must have come from the previous birth. The soul never dies, and it is independent of space, time and causation, for it has no form. You are a spirit and not a body. The body has to get perished one day. What you are is a soul.

2. A continuous ocean in which we are: So far, Science has proved that there is no such thing as empty space anywhere. The Upanishads say, " As through the knowledge of one lump of clay all that is of clay is known, so, there must be something by knowing which this whole universe itself will be known". How beautiful the quote is! You have a soul within you, others have souls, and in the very same way, everything else in the universe has a soul. Then comes the question of empty space, which is impossible. Is the Universe not like an ocean and we the different and different waves of the ocean? We are like different and different coordinates in the Universe. The sun, the moon, the earth, all are coordinates. There must be a Universal soul. For there is no question of empty space, and everything has a soul. Then there must be a soul whose waves we human souls are. That soul is what is called God by one of the groups of philosophers. The origin of this idea can be found in Shankaracharya's Advaitic philosophy.

3. One’s reincarnation: The second chapter and the twentieth verse of the Bhagwad Geeta say, "The soul never takes birth and never dies at any time nor does it come into being again when the body is created. The soul is birthless, eternal, imperishable and timeless and is never terminated when the body is terminated". The Holy Bible gives us an account, too. The concept of the soul can never be denied by anybody. The question here is that if one never dies because one is a soul, how one can not remember anything of one’s previous life. The very same group of philosophers says that one is absolutely able to know whatever happened to one in the previous life. The information is stored in the mind. All one needs to do is to develop a technique through which one starts seeing the past. The memories are stored somewhere within the brain. Of course, it is true. The Buddha was able to remember everything of His past life. What a great man he was! He taught the world that everything is within. It is not outside.

4. The existence of the soul: Suppose you are sleeping, and your phone rings. You may not be able to hear the sound of your phone. Do you know what Indriya is? Are indriyas your ears, eyes, nose, tongue or skin? No, your ears, eyes, nose, tongue and skin, all are instruments. And the centres are in your mind. And the centres are called indriyas in Sanskrit. All these instruments are connected to their centres. But only the connection is not enough. There is one more thing that is needed, and that is the connection of the centres to the intellect which we call BUDDHI in Sanskrit. The intellect is responsible for reactions. A phone that rings has to be checked by you, and this will be your reaction. So, not only the instruments, not only the centres but the connection between the intellect and the centres, too, is needed to be able to perceive. The whole process is like that, but there is a very interesting question I have. Who are these things done for? Absolutely!  Here comes the question that can mystify anybody. Who are things done for? The answer to that is that things are done for the ATMAN. The pure ATMAN, which knows everything. The ATMAN that acts as a seer, which is behind and looking at everything that is done. It is for that soul (ATMAN) that everything is done.

5. The soul of all souls: The soul of all souls is called God. We are the waves of that ocean that is called God. We are different and different reflections of the very same soul. There is only one soul, which is called a universal soul, and we are all the different and different reflections of that Universal soul. As if different and different waves of the very same ocean. The day we subside, i.e., lose our forms, we will again become the Ocean. God is within us. For we are all different and different parts of the very same God. As if one were His leg and another his hand. God is indeed within us. All we need to do is to realise that.

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