Five ways to get over hurting expectations

Ayush Sinha | 28-Jul-2017

It is perhaps human nature that makes us witness every misery in this world. If one gives up one's expectations, one may not get as much pain as one gets in one's  life. It is indeed very true that we can obliterate ninety percent of our problems just by having control over our minds. The control alone can blow away almost all problems.

Five ways to get over hurting expectations

1. Do good to others for your own sake: The world is very big. If you give a rupee or two to a beggar, he is definitely not going to become a king with that. But there is something beautiful hidden within that donation. The donation suddenly creates a thought in your mind and you feel that you did something good. It leaves an impression in your mind. Later on, after a repetition, doing good becomes your habit. You start loving it, it becomes your habit, and in the end, it becomes your nature. You become a good person. It is beneficial to you. So, do good because it is helping you. Do good without any expectations. For expecting something in return for something is like taking care of your business. You become a businessman then. That can never be true love. Love others for the sake of love is what Swami Vivekananda said.

2. Love yourself: One should always love one’s own self first. Be someone who loves to love others. Be someone who may stop a heart from weeping. One must not sit in the dark and weep all the while, for that is a sin. Go out, feel the world, feel the pain of others, and start doing the things for others that you want from the world. A helping soul never needs anyone, for God, Himself stays with that soul everywhere.

3. Overthinking causes problems: Overthinking indeed causes problems that do not even exist. Something that does not even exist troubles you and obliterates all your happiness and smiles. How scary it is! Most of us are slaves to our minds and bodies. We do what they say. We forget what we are; we forget our wisdom. We live this way, for we are hypnotised. This is what is called Maya in Sanskrit. Magic is what Maya is all about. We get attached to things so much that we lose our control over our minds and bodies, and, in the end, become slaves to them. That is what is the biggest cause of misery in this world. Stop overthinking and tell your mind not to create problems that are nowhere.

4. Not everyone in this world is like you: Not everyone in this world is like you. It is your hallucination if you think that you will get smiles in return for your smiles. It is your lunacy if you think that you will get honesty in return for your honesty. Two people can not be on the same wavelength every time. Get rid of your conception that you will get what you gave others. Help others because you are good, not because they are beautiful. Do good because it helps you rise up.

5. If you do good, nothing in this world has the power to weaken you: Sisters and brothers, do good but with pure unselfishness. Be unselfish everywhere. Do good because you like doing good things to others. An unselfish man never needs anything; it never needs anyone. For God, Himself is with him wherever he goes. Do good, do not become slaves to your minds, and free yourself from the cage of anger, misery, and everything else that weakens you. Give up your unselfishness for good, and feel the divine power that is within you.

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