Are we really Happy?

Sheela Joby | 04-Aug-2017

Are we really Happy

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The trying circumstances come in everybody’s life. It is not just a single person who has to confront such circumstances. But what is that thing in life that uplifts us from this darkness?  It is our own winning spirit which is sourced from the universe or God, whatever one believes in. Remember the last time you were in dark phase and the way you won it after a long time. It depends on the individual how much strength does one develops during such trying circumstances. In one of my friend’s family, there are two members who differ like day and night. One member has lived into the lowest form of life, and he has not been able to pull up himself from that form.

No other member of his family, or his clan, has been able to influence him positively. Everything and everybody were tried, that is from psychologists to religious rites. But everything failed. The reason behind this failure lies in weak or no will power of that person, who does not, wants to improve his life’s condition. This is what I wanted to explain in the above lines when I said that the person himself does not want to pull up himself from the darkness. This happens when a person gets completely immersed in the river of darkness and then it is not possible to come out of it. One thinks that this is the final and there is nothing better in this world other than this.

On the other hand, there is yet another member of the family who has worked day and night to improve his condition as well as support his family through every possible way. There was a time when the members of his family had just two pairs of clothes, but now, their cupboard is overflowing with the latest and branded clothes. This condition arrived when that single member of my friend’s family saw a dream and started his journey to fulfil his dream for a happy and harmonious family. Although the resources were very less, he made to reach a high post and earn great respect in the society. His will power and his efforts to come send in supporting the family were all fruitful. Today, he is the most revered person in his family and his family head.

Moral of the above family story is that, the moment one determines to move in a particular direction and do something, that very moment all the forces of the universe start moving in that direction only. If you think that there is goal A that cannot be achieved, then the forces of the universe will move in the direction of “yes, that goal can never be achieved.” Whereas, if you have determined that the goal B can be achieved and you try your best, then the universe will send back the positive signals to you giving you ways to do it.

Only you can overcome your unhappy past and unhappy present by focussing on what has to be done right here now. This strong determination makes us work and this work is what really makes us happy. Last but not the least, whatever you do, do with complete compassion for others. If something is done for harming anyone, then that work will always give you negative results. So avoid going to negativity and uphold what is true and positive.

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