Four ways to help you realize your own divinity

Ayush Sinha | 08-Aug-2017

Wo jo mila to sabkuch haasil ho gaya,

Jab saamne aaya to har gam mit gaya,

Jaane na kaha dhoondta raha mai use

Jab wo kahi aur nahi mere andar hi chupa tha.

Four ways to help you realize your own divinity

A few things should be experienced, for there is no language through which we can express them. The only reason why we fall out and go astray is that we never try to realise the thing which is beyond everything else in this Universe.

1. Realization of your godliness: Do you know where the most beautiful place in this world is? Do you know what the most beautiful thing in this world is? To me, the most beautiful place in this world is within our own minds.
To me, the most beautiful place a man may ever visit is within our own hearts. There can't be anything as beautiful as our hearts. But, in spite of the fact that we know everything, we keep searching for them outside. We keep running after what we don't have, and we forget everything else we have by us. Perhaps, we go a little astray. All we need to do is to stop for a while. All we need to do is to stop for a while to look into a newborn's eyes. How beautiful and egregious Mother Nature is. All we need to do is to sit in her lap for a while.

2. Sat, Chit and Ananda are within: In the Upanishads, God is called Sacchidananda. Sacchidananda is a Sanskrit word which is made of three different terms. The first one is "Sat" which means eternal existence and absolute reality, the second one is "Chit" which means consciousness and infinite power of cognition and knowledge acquisition, and the third one is "Ananda" which means unlimited beautifying bliss. These are all within us. They are what we are all about. We are not different from one another. The only aim we have before us is to realise that. This whole Universe is nothing but God Himself. There is no duality anywhere.

3. Be in the lap of Mother Nature: Loot at the stars, look at the moon and have a look at their beautiful congregation. How beautiful the wonders of Mother Nature are. What one needs to do is to feel them. From one point of view, this life is too short for our worries, tears and dejection. Let us all open our hearts and our eyes for good. Let us all fill each and every heart with love. Truly did Mohammed used to say that a man of knowledgeability is just a monkey carrying holy scriptures. That monkey may feel very proud among other monkeys, for unlike other monkeys, who are carrying salt, apples and oranges, he is carrying holy scriptures. The monkey feels as if he is a scholar. The monkey may feel very proud among other monkeys. Don't only study holy scriptures but realize them as well.

4. Be full of gaiety: Be full of gaiety, keep smiling, and feel as if everything is within. Discover them within you. You need nobody else who may make you happy. You don't need anybody else to wipe your tears. The darkness which is within your heart should be obliterated through your own wisdom. Always bear it in your mind that there can be different and different waves in an ocean, but the existence of a crest is entirely dependent upon the existence of a trough. Love everybody and get love in return.

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