Satyam Jnanam Anantam

Ayush Sinha | 12-Aug-2017

Satyam Jnanam Anantam

Reality- Knowledge- Infinity

The Taittiriya Upanishad defines God as Sat, Chit and Anant. It says that that which is Sat, Chit and Anant is God. That which is real, pure consciousness, and limitless is looked upon as the ultimate reality in Vedanta. The kinds of limits in Vedanta are three. The first one is called Desa, the second one is Kala and the third one is Vastu. I am going to cast light on this whole verse in view of the commentaries that are relevant to this verse of the Taittiriya Upanishad. So, what we talked about earlier is God who is Sat, Chit and Anant. Let us start with the term Anantam. The term Anantam means limitless. In Vedanta, we talk about three kinds of limits. The very first one is Desa, the second one is Kala and the third one is Vastu. The first one means that God is not limited at all in space. If He is here, He is there as well. The second one talks about His eternity. He is eternal; he is without any beginning or any end. The third one refers to nonduality. A pen will be a pen, and that can’t be a spoon. But that is not so with God.

So, here comes the question as to what we want to conclude here. The term "Anantam" can’t be applied to us. We can not satisfy that in any condition. We are limited in all those three ways. If we talk about "Sat", it refers to reality here. He who is God is real. Chit means pure consciousness. He is pure consciousness. The very same pure consciousness because of which our minds work. It should not be misconstrued here. For what we are is MIND+ PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. He is pure consciousness. Now, can you think of anybody or anything that can satisfy all these conditions? You exist, I exist, the trees exist, but none of them is limitless, although they are all real. One more thing that should be considered as a commonality is their existence. In Vedanta, without attending to grammar, we can also say that existence is you, existence is chalk and existence is me. And nothing else satisfies the condition of being Anantam(limitless) other than "existence" itself. Existence is limitless all around. That is real as well. It means that existence itself is God. This whole Universe is God. We are all different and different waves. You and I are nothing but waves of this ocean. God is indeed within each one of us. He is pervading each and every thing. There is one more way in which I would like to prove it.

Suppose you push a glass of water and it moves because of that force. What is the cause of this movement? The cause of the movement of this glass is energy. Now, can you think of the effect? The effect is energy as well. So, from here, we can say that a cause is what becomes an effect in its other form. A cause is what an effect is about. If energy is a cause, it must be the effect as well. Now, if you believe that God Himself is the cause of this Universe, then he must be the effect as well. As you can see here that the Universe is the effect, it should be God Himself. So, God Himself is the Universe. This whole Universe is God. We are all in this ocean. We all only subside and take forms. It is just because of forms and names that we are all different from one another, otherwise, there is no difference at all between you and me.

Sisters and brothers, the only aim of this work is to make you all aware that there is indeed no duality. The reality is that there is only non-duality. We have all different and different names and forms. Let us all love and worship one another. Let us all feed those who are not able to feed themselves. Let us all wipe the tears of those who don't even know what smiles are all about. Truly did Swami Vivekananda used to say that the real worship of God is in the service of men.

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