Fake Look - Wave of Relations

Nida Saqib | 16-Aug-2017

How many of you love your father? You may think what a weird question I am asking. Figure out why I am asking about that; just figure out what I am asking about. Did you get something? NO? Okay, let me tell you why I am asking. Your father gets up early in the morning; he gets ready and leaves for his work. You then see him in the evening when he comes back from a nine to five job. He gets so tired by that time that he scolds you at times for no reason and then what you do. At times you hate him, sometimes you answer him back, and you think that he likes doing that and scolds intentionally? Nope! It is just the frustration because of which he takes it out on you. The frustration of the whole day. The day he worked hard for your better life. You spend your whole day with your mom and get more attached to her. Do you try to spend some time with your father?

Fakelook Short Movie

You know, he loves you so much that he can shake the whole world for you. He just finds it difficult to convey. He lacks words to express his love for you. Can his love even be conveyed through words? I don’t think so; his love is so divine that that can’t be expressed through mere words. If we are discussing a “father's love” how we can not talk about a “grandfather’s love". Many of us are not lucky enough to experience that love, but those who have experienced it know well how pure that love is, and how unconditional that is. All these relations are as pure as water. Their love is irreplaceable. We might be able to replace friends, but we can’t replace them and their love. No one else can play their roles in our lives. Even if we don’t value their love, nothing changes in their love. But, do we do right by not valuing and understanding the depth of these relations? Do we even try to think about them in the way in which we think about our friends and lovers? Do we say sorry after hurting them to the core in the way for which we apologise to our friends and lovers? Do we ever? I don’t want any answer. Answer it yourself.

Today’s woman is independent, educated and powerful. Women play a vital role in maintaining the balance of this whole world. Women take care of houses, offices and relationships. Relationships are maintained by women. They have the capability to understand them. Women are functioned to do complex work. Relationships are complex to handle, and thus it is a woman who maintains and understands them better than a man. I am not saying that a man cannot deal with them, but I am saying that a woman can handle them in a much better way. If she wants, then she can turn bitter relationships into a fruitful one, and if she wishes, then she can transform beautiful relationships into broken cords as well. Women can do wonders, and thus they can spoil wonders as well.

Fake Look is a short movie casting light on the bonding that exists in a relationship between a grandfather and his grandson and on the role of a woman. It is worth watching, and we should learn to value all these relationships. We are not going to have these relationships again once they are gone, nor will we have another chance to show them our love. In family relations, it becomes quite difficult to express our love through words, but we can do this through our actions; we can indeed do it by spending time with them and valuing their love. 


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