The Grass Always Looks Greener When It's Fake - Fake Look

Anuradha Deb | 18-Aug-2017

The Grass Always Looks Greener When It's Fake - Fakelook

The above image shows a snapshot of the movie produced by the talented production team of Fagnum. The title of the film is Fake Look.

It is basically based on the changes that have come in social media from our parents and grandparents' time. We use so much social media for chatting, video calling, and sending pictures that we forget to meet our friends. But in old times, there were postcards and a lot of social activities like meetings. They helped people make their relationships stronger.

This film, too, has the same thing to show. There is an old man who has not seen the face of his grandson for four months as his son and daughter in law don’t allow him to meet his grandson. Seldom does his son call him.

The old man wanders on a beach near his home looking at all the happy couples, smiling, and praying for their togetherness. He does not want anybody to become like his daughter-in-law. His daughter-in-law has always been dominant, and they had no choice other than leaving the house and their father all alone. The old man’s wife passed away a long time back.

After walking along the beach, he notices a boy who was chatting with his girlfriend over the internet. He saw how happy they were even though they were miles apart. After the boy finishes talking to his girlfriend, the old man shows up his face in a childish manner. He tells the boy to create his account on the site but not with his real name, but a very stylish and modern name, because his name is old-fashioned to him. The boy then tells the man that he needs to change his profile picture in order to let other people know that it is his account. At that time the old man tells him to give a stylish, handsome, and modern picture of someone so that he becomes popular.

After this, the boy realises that the old man is using his help to create a fake account. The young boy explains that creating a fake account is a crime as many people create these fake accounts and then use pictures of girls and post vulgar, humiliating things from these accounts and people believe in these posts, too.

The old man then explains why sometimes even fake things can give a small ray of happiness in someone’s life. He explains to the boy how his son and daughter-in-law left him for good and he got to know four months ago that he became a grandfather. He wants to create a fake account because if he uses his real name, then his children might not accept his request. He tells the boy that even after hearing him out, if he thinks it is not right, then he should not create the account. As the old man is leaving the place after giving blessings to the boy, the boy immediately shouts to him, “Dadaji”. This brings a smile to the old man’s face and he creates his account.

The message this movie gives us is that whatever be the reason, never leave your parents alone. Always be with them at every step of life and don’t force someone close to them to forget their own parents, which is the worst thing anyone can do. So, always love your parents as they have given birth to you and have always been there when no one else was.

The rating which I would give this movie on a scale of 5 is 5. Everyone should watch it.

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