Just Disparities Not The End - Fake Look

Deergha | 20-Aug-2017

Life is a combination of ups and downs everyone is sure to go through. However, it is in our hands how we choose to deal with the leaps and bounds of life. I feel one needs to realise that life is a book and it is absurd to keep reading a single page over and again. 

Just Disparities Not The End - Fake Look

There comes a stage in life when a person feels that his parents misinterpret whatever he says or does and that no one keeps pace with him. Well, it may not be incorrect to some extent as the views of parents and the child mismatch at times because of the generation gap due to which the child at times feels exaggerated and wants to be set free from all the DO'S and DONT'S set by the parents. But trust me, to ally this feeling is interim. With time one does realise that his parents were correct at each step and not the parents misinterpret the child but vice versa. 

Everyone was mesmerised with the birth of John and heartily welcomed the little member to the family. His parents, like all other parents, too, were conscious of their responsibilities and played a special role by taking care of John 24'7 when he was not capable of doing it for himself. All those sleepless nights cannot be forgotten when he fell sick even after being capable enough to take care of himself. 

No matter what one does, he cannot repay that selfless love of parents. 

Time passed and John turned young, capable enough to manage each and everything by himself. What he could not take was his parents putting forward their suggestions to his problems. "I'm no longer a kid, mum. And dad, stop interrupting in my life." he used to say. 

He was the apple of his mother's and dad's eye. The only ray of hope they could see for them as their declining years were approaching. 

One fine day, John left their hands saying "I'm fed up of you, I cannot take it anymore, I can live without you, and I don't need you." Walking on all their hopes, he left. 

They were the ones who were always by his side to support him and to pick him up whenever he fell down. He left them when he learnt to take two steps without their support. Neglecting the fact that it was the time his parents needed him the most. 

Not only did his parents need him, but also he needed their experience at each step of life. It's rightly said that a home is one with an old soul. Without his parents, he just lived in a house and not home. 

Alas! He thought he would be happy and independent without his parents. 

Contrarily his parents tried to contact him n number of times. Neither did he try to contact them, nor did he take the pain to reply to their calls and texts. 

The pain of his parents cannot be put into words. 

To all the children reading this, I humbly request never leave your parents. No matter what you do, you can never repay their immense love. At times, you might face disparities with them, but the relation of blood cannot be put to an end by any means. 

Remember, history repeats itself! Whatever you do today will surely come back to you in a greater form. Who knows what your child will do to you in the future? 

Parents are role models for a child. Therefore, by controlling your negative actions, you can put a positive impact on your child in future. 

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