The Message of a Fake Look

Ayush Sinha | 21-Aug-2017

All you need to have is somebody who could promise to walk with you hand in hand. The most beautiful thing in this world is someone's eternal love. Love is what this life is all about. Love is what our smiles are all about. The only antidote for loneliness is love. What a lonely man wants is nothing but a hand that can be in his hands. He wants to have somebody he could smile with. He wants to have somebody who notices his smiles and dejection.

The message of a Fake Look

In the main, a lonely man likes to be more alone. He often tries to ignore people. He then puts a mask on his face in order to hide his feelings. For he doesn’t want any kind of conversation with anybody. That is what is responsible for a fake look. He keeps taking the air being unaware of the fact that he is walking. He starts getting away from the joys of the world. He can no longer recognise his real self. He can no longer be natural. That is what is called depression to me. Let us all blow away the roots of depression for good. Let us all work together and make for a happy society. Depression will be a myth one day.

Fake Look is indeed a very beautiful movie, which gives a strong message to society that we ought not to judge one by one's Fake Look. One's fake look is nothing but one's restraint. One has no option in the state one is. The other thing is that people, too, don't understand those who are suffering. The suffering ones come across a lot of people with whom they can share what is going on in their life, but they soon start getting that they can get nothing in return from them. They move on eventually. They feel as if they were indeed alone in this world. That is perhaps just because of us.

A grandfather looks for his grandson everywhere. He sees within every child his grandson who has been hidden by his mother. He is just mad to talk to him. It is said that a man sees himself in his grandson. He finds his own self within his grandson. The very same thing is with this man as well. The broken heart is always in search of its partner.

How uncertain this life is. Tomorrow never comes. We keep taking everything to heart. We keep weeping in the dead of night. By and by we all make for our ends. Nobody knows when his doom's day is. This life is indeed too short for worries and the things that don't let us smile frankly. Let us all forget everything. Let us all forgive everyone in view of the fact that none of us is permanent here. Let us all love one another unconditionally.

It was just another callous heart who didn't want to let them meet. How callous it could be. That is what this world is all about. Seldom can Mother Nature be monotonous, and that is why she is so beautiful. You will always come across darkness if there is something like light. The movie is worth watching. It shows us why we ought not to judge anybody by their fake looks. People may be suffering from what we aren't even aware of. They may be facing what we can not even think of. All they need is our support. All they want is us taking the air with us. They need us by them. They need somebody who could notice when they smile or weep. We all need hands to walk hand in hand. That is what this life is all about.

Everything is just fine within this movie. You must go ahead. You will get to see how people pretend but they aren't happy. You will get to see how strong we are at hiding the things that are in us. I am sure you will like the movie.

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