Just for a Piece of Smile on a Face - Fake Look

Atish Chowdhury | 22-Aug-2017

How strange is the world! People obtain world’s greatest pleasure by engaging in false things while ignoring the real things in life. In the realm of today’s fast-paced era, the social media madness illustrates the same thing.

From morning to midnight, we wait impatiently for those notifications and don’t completely ignore our parents and grandparents. A few decades back, when emails and social media weren’t there, people used emails and postcards to communicate with each other. Those innocent days and memories were sweeter and impartial.

Nowadays, the digital divide has made older generation feel more insecure and ignorant than ever. The film Fake Look also depicts the same. An old man in his 70s can be seen in the video watching a romantic conversation between a young man and his girlfriend. The old man wanders here and there on the beach reminiscing the old days that he spent with his late wife.

Just for a Piece of Smile on a Face ? Fake Look

The Old Man Resorted to Fake Id Trick!

Unfortunately, the old man was now unwanted in his own family. His own son and daughter-in-law have avoided any interaction with him for the last four months.

After a silent walk across the beach, the septuagenarian came to the boy and asked him to create a social media account for him. The young man was little stunned but agreed to do so.

The old man says, “please create my social media account but not in my real name. Please use a very fashionable and trendy name instead”. The old man feels that if he uses his old-fashioned name, then nobody will chat with him on social media.

The boy then asks him to choose a profile picture at which the old man asks the man to set any young handsome man’s picture – not his real picture as a default photo. However, the boy was stunned. He couldn’t understand why an old man would need a fake id?

The man explains the risks associated with creating fake ids as several of them are specifically used for crimes by anti-social elements. When the old man heard about the ills of a fake id, he was totally disappointed and dejected.

The Old man was Crestfallen

With a sobered expression on his face, the dejected aged man says that “not all fake profiles are created by anti-social elements. Some fake ids are created by crestfallen humans too. A fake Id can give happiness to a person that real things can’t”.

The old man then stated his agony. “Four months back, he became a grandfather, but his son or daughter-in-law has never given him a call until now. He wanted to create a fake account to talk to his son and daughter-in-law and might get a glimpse of his little grandchild and hear the toddler’s giggles.

The septuagenarian knew it well that if he uses his original name, then his son and daughter-in-law might not accept his request.  Then the old man asked the young man that if he still thinks that a fake id is wrong then shouldn’t create one for the old man.

As the old man walked a few inches across the pristine beach, he heard “Dadaji” and instantly it brings a deep sense of relief inside his heart. The man soon makes a new id for the old man.

“Never ignore your parents or else it will be too late to rectify your mistakes”.

My Rating: ***** (5/5)

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