Unmask the Face behind Fake Look

Amit Singh | 23-Aug-2017

Can a few lines of words embrace an outrageous passion and unspoken feelings? In modern times, we have witnessed the changes in relationships from virtual conversations to textual ones. On the eve of every father's day or mother's day, we tend to show our emotions by texting emotional quotes to our parents. What are we making for?

Unmask the face behind the fake look

Is this the way to celebrate our feelings? I have learned that words can't replace emotions. Our fathers and mothers work genuinely, whereas we, with the advent of growing Internet sites, are wearing the mask of Fake looks. We need to unmask the actual beings behind the mask. Fake look is the concern for our society. I would like to draw an analogy from a website Fagnum where I watched a video concerning a relationship between a grandfather and his son. Fake Look is a short movie about relationships in the modern era which is directed by Manish Mishra and acted by Gautam Saugat, Kally Paul, Avinash Kumar and Riya Roy. The movie goes like this-

 A grandfather was strolling by the beach where he saw the couples enjoying together, which reminded him of his own family. Then he saw a couple having video chatting, which he could not get to see in his times. He was fascinated by this and asked the guy, who was chatting with his friend, how it worked. He requested him to make a profile for him. The guy asked him for his name and advised him to add a profile pic later. Then the grandfather asked the guy to use any name which would seem fashionable to get more friend requests and even suggested to add any celebrity's picture. This opened the boy's  eyes, and without any hesitations, he asked the old man why being an elder to him he is asking him to make a Fake profile. The grandfather narrates his emotional story of how his son's wife is the girl of the modern era and makes his son ring on her toes. They live apart from him. His son sends money for his daily expenditures. But He says, “Paise se Sab Kuch Thode Hi Kharida Ja Sakta Hain (Money can't buy everything)”. He narrates If he sends his request from his real Id, his son and his wife will not accept his request. So, he wanted to have a look at them through a fake ID. Eventually, he got succeeded in his venture.

But the Real question is why he needs to have a fake ID. Fake identities have created a havoc of late, and what is wrong is wrong. No matter what the circumstances are, using fake looks is wrong. In recent researches, Facebook has found half of its users to be fake. We blindly waste our time and money exploring fake people on the internet while ignoring the real ones. Cyber crimes and cheating are the other products of this. Crimes can't be justified on any scale. Whatever circumstances be with people creating fake accounts with others' name, damaging their reputation can lead to criminal charges. People think themselves clever. But they are traceable and liable to be caught. Unfortunately, their IP address will lead them to their downfall. Whatever the circumstances be, crimes can't be justified rather than sympathising with Gautam Saugat of Fake Look. We need to end the reason behind it and unmask the face behind the fake look. Fake Look is a short movie where we see the older generation trying its best to come to the terms of this modern age. This modern age looks fascinating to our eyes but our understanding also knows that with beauty comes certain restrictions. Here the grandfather's daughter-in-law is an embodiment of modern age. She has sown the seeds of separation between a father and his son. This new generation prefers to spend their time on the internet, but nothing can replace the essence of real relationships which exist among our loved ones. In a way, Fake Look advocates the real relationship among families but I still prefer not to go through creating a fake look to meet the real ones.

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