When the world turns Fake, the reality is in Disguise - Fake Look

Karishma Dhiman | 24-Aug-2017

In this generation full of technological up-gradation, we fight and have this internal greed to have the best of it all. Clicking a snap and updating it on Insta or Snapchat or be it any other social networking sites, we often forget how our elders feel about it. Doesn’t it seem like the virtual world is engulfing us within itself and brainwashing our minds with the vicious competition of ‘Who’s better in their lifestyle?’ or ‘Who is posting what?’ These mere competitions have put a drape over our values.

When the world turns Fake, the reality is in Disguise - Fake Look

One main issue that I have seen is that many teens have blocked their relatives and/or parents from viewing their profiles. No doubt that I was one of them but then I did realise that they did not have these fancy tech back at their own age, so why refrain them from exploring and checking our lifestyles out? Recently, Fagnum has made a short film titled – Fake Look, which shows a clear image of how this generation is blocking and avoiding their family on some social networking sites like Facebook. Though at times it may seem that our elders are prying into our lifestyles and choices. But in the end, they are looking out for us.

We often have this internal desire to make friends online - somewhat like pen pals (friends made only from writing to each other and have never met). We trust strangers more than our own people. Everyone gets a friend/follow requests from strange names and dashing profiles, we check them out and get hyped by their photos that they’ve posted and finally accept their requests. Now, these ‘strangers’ are able to browse through your profile. What if your own Uncle had sent you a request? Would you have accepted it without any hesitation? Errrrr..... that’s a thinker and deep down you know that you silently scream at your screen. THIS is exactly what encourages people to make fake profiles so that you get intrigued by their looks and names and allow them to follow you. These FAKE PROFILES can be your own parents or relatives because you declined their follow requests.

Fake Look shows this problem in a clever and emotional manner where a grandfather was barred from seeing his little grandson’s images in his own son’s profile. It is heart-wrenching. In this world where we fight for freedom and access to this and that, we forget our elders.

‘Why do we have to be so rude?’!! What if one day, you see that your parents or your future children are doing the same with you? How do you feel when your ex or a friend blocks you or a crush doesn’t accept your friend request? Hurts, aye? That is exactly what our elders feel. Have some respect for them. In their younger years, they didn’t have the privilege to use social networking sites. Accept their requests because not all parents are able to live with their children. The competition and the zest to explore the world have led youngsters to move out and that’s one of the main reasons parents want to check in and see if you are safe and enjoying your life.

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