Trend or Fake Look?

Saurabh Kumar | 25-Aug-2017

"Look at that girl, look at that dress, so short. She's characterless, must be a whore."

"Hahahaha, pink is your favourite colour? Are you gay or what?" 

"Hey, dumbass go and check your mark sheet! This is not your cup of tea. Loser!" 

How quickly do we judge everyone? Even without knowing them, without wasting a second, we impose our statements. We are always on conclusions about someone. I am not saying that every single of us is like this but let's admit it some way or other we have witnessed this. 

Trend or Fake Look?

Everyone has a story beyond their uncommon outlook. Maybe, the girl with a short dress just like her dress that way and that has nothing to do with her character?  Maybe, the guy with pink as his favourite colour is not gay but more manly than everyone teasing around? Maybe, the student with less grades on mark sheet has more creative ideas than you? You don't believe me ask Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and if I go on telling you names this will not end here. Anyway! 

Somewhere, this taboo of our society has devoured our common sense, deeds and morality. We are so busy to achieve everything that we have left some of the significant aspects on our way. We are getting an education, but we are not getting educated. Feel the difference. 

We fear to be outdated. In this era of social media and meme, the integrity and our moral duties have been outdated. We all are suffering from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). 

Like, tagging your best friend in lit meme has become more important than spending time with your parents. Snap chatting ugly pics of your friends is cool but going out on dinner with your family makes mamma's boy and that doesn't make you stud, right DUDE? The number of girls you have dated adds stars on your manhood. Cute! You must be thinking I completely ignored that picture of your mother you had put on Mother's Day and that OMG caption, no? How can I forget that? That is the only day you showed the world how much you love your mother but let me tell you, 'uploading pictures with your parents don't derive that you them. That is when you listen to them.' 

How amazingly have we moulded ourselves in this dale of trend?! We are ready to lose our identity only to be admired by others, only to be liked by others who will not give a shit if we die another moment. Aren't we losing our closed in all this? Aren't we faking our looks? Aren't we trying too hard to show the world what we are not? 

The old age homes these days are crowded. And if you will try to know the reason you will find that most of them are there because their son and daughter-in-law didn't want to live with them. Ask your parents is it okay to raise such child? Or ask yourself will it be okay if your child do the same to you? I hope you have got your answer! 

There is a simple thing that nobody can love you more than your parents, be it your wife or girlfriend or someone who claims to love you the most. Just because they don't keep showing it off or don't send you I love you daily doesn't mean you will separate them when they will need you. Hadn't you put that caption of 'Mother's love is selfless love', just mean it sometimes. They too need it, they might not have asked but may be they never will but be there for them just like they were for you in your ups and downs. And if you doubt their love then remember one thing they would not have raised you at first place, abortion is not a big deal in India.  

Learn to embrace your loved ones. Trust me it's never outdated or old-fashioned. 

So, I had been told to write about this video Fake Look which you will find linked to this article. But I am no Rajiv Masand or Taran Adarsh who gets paid to give stars to a movie. So I just tried to convey the message. Do watch the video and you will understand why this rant was all about. 

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