Why turning into crooks, Why this Fake Look?

Khyati Gautam | 26-Aug-2017

To embrace one's individuality is difficult in a rapidly evolving scenario and it becomes even more challenging when our identity itself becomes the reason behind our distance from our loved ones!

Fake Look, a short movie by FAGNUM, apparently underlines the enormity of the changing mindsets and values. An old man desires to present his ‘fake look’ to his friends on social media because he wants to reach out to his son who abandoned him long back.

Why turning into crooks, Why this Fake Look?

The world is changing at a breakneck pace. Every second, in some corner of this world, a child is born and an old one dies. The cycle of nature goes on without any deference. As the time progresses, new ideas occupy human minds. Each one of us wants to lead a comfortable life with minimum problems. With the Neoteric value system coming into the existence, everyone needs space. The human tendency to break free the chains of responsibilities and duties coerces him to act insensitively. The old man in the movie is portrayed as the victim of the same insensitive attitude of his son that hurts him and drives him into taking a step of wearing a deceptive identity.

The issue of abandoning parents, as they grow old is of grave concern. This culture of considering parents as a burden which is flourishing in our minds has gripped the entire society badly. Parents do everything to keep their children happy and content. They sacrifice their own desires to fulfil that of their progenies. Their love and concern are unparalleled and we shall forever remain indebted to them for their selfless affection. But as the children grow up, the interference of their parents seem to test their patience. They want Space, freedom, and liberty to breathe the fresh air. How pathetic has the human become?

The human is composed of one of the best constituents by God and one of them is Love. Our existence counts and is valued because we have hearts that beat to pump the blood and provide us life. It pumps the blood (red symbolizes love) to give us life (happiness). Modernization is a moderation that is inevitable and is highly desirable. But it must not be bad enough to take a huge toll on the human values. Yes, this is the tragedy. With progress came a shift of minds that plagued the existing system of values. The impromptu decisions took the lead and shook the basic tenets of human values and principles.

Today, we are more interested in maintaining our virtual friend list rather than asking a friend from our real life about his well-being. We are busy in chatting and indulging in chatting with people whom we might not even know but can’t spare few moments to bide for our dear ones. We are engrossed in making tireless efforts for getting virtual attention but we hardly have time to involve in real time conversation with our kin and spend some quality time. Masks allure us and entice us to wear them. While we humans think highly of our own self, we miserably fall into the trap of this world full of masked people who fear to reveal their identities because they are frightened of their true self. In the lure of garnering popularity over social media, we forget to mend our broken relations in our real lives. We might be struggling to catch up with the pace of life, but somewhere in the parallel universe, we live differently. Here unveils the truth, we all live Dual lives – REAL and FAKE. Acceptance of real life becomes irksome when our virtual reality contradicts it. We do not even care about fighting for our relations, their lost essence, the meanings behind our lives, the truth, the spiritual growth because realism loses its value in our eyes. Our souls bend their knees in front of the parallel unreal world and we held it close to our hearts as if it is the only thing that could bring back our lost contentment.

Guys, this is the high time to modify our minds. The Big change awaits us! Enough of roaming around in an atmosphere full of masked men. Let us step out of the crowd to embrace ourselves, our soul, our individuality. Let us not get carried away with the flow of modernisation. Agreed that we need it but we must not fall into its vicious circle. This alarming situation wants us to bring a revolutionary and significant change in our value systems, it calls for an action. Time to wake up, time to throw away the fake look and be the real YOU!?

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