Fake Look Review

Sheela Joby | 27-Aug-2017

Fake Look is a short film that throws light on how the world has become now. Nowadays, people have started taking their parents for granted, especially when the children get married. In this short film, it shows a soured relationship with a father and a son. The film begins with the scene of an aged man walking alone on the sea beach. He is smiling and watching the people enjoying their lives. At one moment he even gets attracted to a girl. The girl tells her boyfriend with whom she is playing in the water that the aged man is staring at her. The boyfriend gets angry too and as he tries to proceed towards that man to engage in a fight with him, his girlfriend stops him. The aged man then moves ahead.

Fake Look Review

As he moves ahead on the beach, his vision falls on a lad who is chatting with his girlfriend on the internet. The old man starts listening to the chat. While he is standing right at the back of the boy, the girl on the screen watches him. She tells her boyfriend that the old man is listening to their online chatting. The boy angrily tells the man to leave the place. The couple chats for few seconds. After the chat is over, the old man suddenly appears from behind the stone where he was hidden. He requests the boy to make his fake account on the social networking website. The boy agrees and begins making the account of the old man. The old man tells the boy to upload a picture of any actor and keep his name as Arjun. At this, the boy starts scolding the old man. He explains to him that evil-minded people use such fake accounts to tease the girls and create troubles for other people. It is a crime to make a fake account on any of the social networking sites.  The old man gets emotional and he describes his situation how he is feeling. He tells that his wife had passed away some time back and his son married but does not live with him. The daughter in law of the old man dislikes him and pressurize her husband to stop talking to his own father. In her influence, the son also neglects the old man, his own father. The old man cries in front of the boy, further telling him that he has not seen his own grandson from the day he has been born. The boy gets touched and stops the old man to make his account.

The climax of the movie is wonderful where a small boy is playing with the old man. He is his grandson and in another scene the son of that old man is also shown playing with the child. The three generations are enjoying and playing on the beach.

This wonderful story begins with a beautiful scene on sunset on the beach and it ends with the sunset on the beach. But the difference lies in the emotions on both the evenings. The havoc in the life of the old man saddens him and he finds a way to dissolve his daily unhappiness by watching the people enjoying their lives. At the same time, he is trying to connect with his son and grandson who don’t live with him. It is an irony that in a country like India where relations and emotions have been given the priority this practice nowadays is not followed properly. It has resulted in broken ties and hurtful sentiments. The only place now left for people is loneliness where they can cry.

Let's pledge that we will not let such kind of things to happen in our respective societies and take care of our senior citizens as well as children.

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