It doesn't matter what you look like from outside, what matters most is what is inside you

Kanchan Lalwani | 28-Aug-2017

By giving more importance to new relations, we are forgetting the old ones. The first few persons, who picked you up when you fell, guided you at each stage of life, and helped you become a successful person, have always prayed for your happiness.

And what did you give them in return?

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You throw them out of your house to fight alone just because you don’t want to live with them. You know, your decision to throw them away is right. They deserve this because they thought that you would hold them in their last stages of life, and they thought you would become their eyesight when their vision became unclear. They thought you would give them respect as well. They excepted a lot from you, but they didn’t know that you wouldn't fulfil their expectations.

Our parents didn't deserve this. They had sacrificed their whole life for us.  And that time when they needed support and love from us, we started ignoring them.

We think that by sending money to them and by providing all the luxury, we can repay what they did for us.

Sorry, but you are wrong, they want love, care and support. They want to spend the last days of their lives with their family.

Old people don’t need money. They are like kids who want attention, love, support and care. Playing with their grandchildren is the only dream they have.

We are so busy growing that we have forgotten that our parents are growing old too.

In today’s era, people are afraid of showing their real identity. They think that if they show them who they are in reality, no one will talk to them and no one will want to be their friend.

They think everyone will make fun of them.

I don’t know why people rush towards beautiful things. They judge people by their physical appearance.

If she/he has glowing skin, then this person is good at heart.

No, people know how to show care, love and use them when they want. Once the purpose of a person in their life is done, they will kick him out of their life and will treat him as if they never knew him.

It’s strange that we love the ones who hurt us and hurt the ones who love us.

If a person leaves you in the middle of a relationship, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They have their own reasons for doing that. If they are not revealing those reasons to you, then they perhaps don’t want to hurt you by telling that.

Everyone comes in your life for a reason and when their part in your story gets over, they will leave you.

Instead of hating them for what they did, learn to let go, because if you let go, someone you love, God will reward you with another person.

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