Dil, Dosti Aur Friendship Part 1

Kaumudi Tripathi | 30-Aug-2017

Dil, Dosti Aur Friendship

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Ravi, today is the induction day man, we are so late. Kaushik scolded Ravi

Yes, so what? Starting off our IT career, man you care about this job way too much. I am actually not interested to lay my mind here. I am meant for something else. Ravi said with arrogance.

Man, you and your arrogance, salute to that, but what I think is that we can skip this for few more minutes.

They were about to join an MNC with a nice pay scale. Ravi looked ambitious while Kaushik looked scared, as he was from a Non-IT background. He didn’t know abc of any Coding Language.

I will be thrown out of this company man, look at their hoarding, advertisements. They will never pay a Non-IT person in lakhs. Kaushik looked puzzled.

Bro, can you stop your lewd conversation here? You wanted this job na, now you have it and you are scared. You are a diligent man, success is meant to reach to you. Don’t be scared. Ravi consoled and patted Kaushik’s shoulder. They passed smile and continued to pay attention towards their induction program.

During the induction, they were informed about the training in which three members will form a group and present few real time scenarios followed by some individual tests, group presentations and change requests. To their wonderful luck, they received a mail wherein Ravi and Kaushik were going to be in the same group. The third member of their group was Nandini. Kaushik was very happy, as his group won’t be a boring one, his best friend was there followed by some girl.

Ravi, we should search this girl on Facebook, let’s check how is she? As soon as her name was pronounced “Nandini” I imagined “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” Kaushik almost laughed

Listen brother, if we have a girl in our group then understand the reality, all the work will be done by us. We don’t have any choice. Girls are best for crying and doing tantrums. Ravi left the room

But bro. Kaushik couldn’t complete his sentence even.

Ravi and Kaushik reached the main computer lab, where the training was about to start. Almost everyone has arrived, but Nandini was missing, Ravi was constantly poking Kaushik about it, see I already told you girls are meant for nothing.

Soon a girl came rushing towards Ravi and Kaushik and introduced herself. Hello, I am Nandini, I am so sorry, my scooty almost ditched me today.

How come you recognised us? Kaushik asked with shock

Why what happened? I searched you people on Facebook last night. She Replied.

Kaushik looked at Ravi with Anger.

Soon the training started, Ravi hardly talked to Nandini because he found her over-smart and on the other hand, Kaushik was mesmerised by her. She was unlike every other girl, she talked sensibly and rubbish at the same time. As far as looks were concerned, she only opted for a normal trouser and a properly ironed shirt with minimum accessories. She looked pretty decent. She was intelligent so was very prompt whenever any solution was required. Almost a month had passed, but the bonding between Ravi and Nandini was very minimal.

Kaushik can I ask you something? She asked very strangely.

Yes, go ahead. Kaushik replied

Why Ravi hates me so much? She asked

Haha, he doesn’t hate you, why did you feel that? He is not very comfortable and open when it is about girls actually. He replied

Oh ok, our training is about to get over, but he hasn’t spoken to me at all. I think he hates me because with your reason he should not talk to any female. But I have seen him chatting with few girls from our own batch. She sounded perplexed.

Don’t worry girl I will talk to him. I think he is jealous of your technical skills. He winked at her.

Haha, you are a funny lad Mr Kaushik, well what about you? You never had any girl, or you have at present? She asked

Nopes girl, I never had any. I used to get scared because of all these relationship taboos. And yes never proposed to any too, may be I never met my type of girl. He smiled gently

So what ‘s your type? If only I can ask you? She asked

Yaa sure, I want a simple girl who can only understand me, rest I will make sure of everything from loving her, caring her, pampering her, the list is endless. He laughed at last.

You are sweet Kaushik, I wish one day you meet such type of beautiful soul. She looked into his eyes.

Thanks Nandini, well you don’t need anyone in your life? He asked

Obviously, I need someone, but at present, my answer is No. I want to settle my career and frame myself accordingly. I don’t want to get committed or engaged to the wrong person even if I will be the last girl on this earth to get married. She looked confident.

You are a sorted girl, I guess we should go now, Ravi must be searching for me. It's already 11.30. Kaushik got up

If that’s the reason, he would possibly call you right? She asked.

Haha, he won’t call me, because he knows I am with you. Kaushik couldn’t stop laughing which annoyed Nandini a lot and she went away.

Your date is over now? Can we discuss about tomorrow’s plan? Ravi said with a serious note.

Angry? Kaushik winked at Ravi

Seriously? Do you think all these rubbish things can make me angry? Ravi said sternly.

Nopes, but the anger is with whom? Kaushik almost laughing.

Are you done with your silly talks? Can we talk about business now? Ravi with a straight face.

Yes, sure. But don’t you think so we require Nandini also during this discussion? Kaushik said

No, we don’t need her in any of the discussions, whatever we are discussing here you just go and tell her tomorrow. She will catch up on her own. He said.

Ravi, almost a month has passed and I am done with you passing parcels. Can’t we three sit at one place and discuss our work. I know you don’t like her, but man she has enormous doubts and I can’t clear them out in one go. Please for God sake, please please….Kaushik almost pleaded.

Did Ravi seriously hated Nandini or it was a mere distraction for him which he wanted to avoid at any damn cost. But yes, it was crystal clear he never initiated nor looked directly into Nandini’s Eyes. Or was it something else???

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