A Daughter is the most Beautiful thing God gives to the World

Kanchan Lalwani | 04-Sep-2017

Yeh ladki hai ise mat padhao, kya karegi padhegi, karni toh ise shadi hai. “Itne chote kapde kyu phene.”, “Ladko se baat mat karo.”

“Ache ghar ki ladkiya der raat tak bhaar nahi rehti.”

These are the lines we girls have been hearing since the day we were born. I don’t know why everyone thinks that girls are the reason for misfortune in their families.

A Daughter is the most Beautiful thing God gives to the World

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In the world where everyone is standing against girls, Fagnum takes a stand for us by producing a short movie called, “Abortion”. 

In this movie, a girl and a boy, who are madly in love with each other, make some mistake.

And when the girl let the boy know about that, the boy said to the girl that he would be there for her and that he wouldn’t leave her in that situation. He said he would talk to her parents and make them understand how much they loved each other. He said he would make them feel that they couldn’t live without each other.

But the girl said that her parents would never agree to their marriage, because of their so-called society.

The boy suggested that they would go for a court marriage. They thought that her parents would accept them after the marriage. But, when they went to the house of her parents after their marriage, her mother opened the door, and when they saw her daughter with someone in that bride attire, her mother said, “I don’t know you, and she asked her father whether he knew her or not”. She ignored her and her father closed the door on her face and said,

“Kaha Tha Na Ladki Nahi Chahiye, Dekh Liya Kya Kiya".

People just think that girls don’t deserve anything.

They don’t have any right to live life according to them. Girls should be caged as if they were birds.

Give them basic education and after completing the education. Find a guy, hand over her like a parcel, sit and proudly say, “Shadi Ki Hi Toh Zimedaari Thi Humari, Woh Ho Gayi Ab Hum Free Hai.”

Our society never fails to astound me.

If we choose our partner, then society makes fun of us. They spread rumours in public.

If girls get raped, then also society blames us by saying, “She wore short dresses to excite boys.”

They forget that girls are also human beings who need love, support, care and respect.

People judge us without knowing the situation and blame us for everything.

At every stage of life, we have to prove our selves. We have to fight for our safety, education, hygiene and quite a few other things.

Life is a battle for us. We are comprising so many things.

Those girls are so lucky who get married with their parents' support. Otherwise, we can choose only one of the options, either it will be parents or the person we love.

After few months, when the girl goes to her doctor, the doctor congratulates her by saying. “You are going to give birth to a girl child.”

Then he got a thought of aborting the child because he thought that one day the girl would make fun of them in society.

I just want to say that stop killing girls and start respecting them. A girl is a blessing from God.

I would love to give a rating to this movie (5/5).

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