Fake Look: Looks like losing our close Relationship

Pehu | 05-Sep-2017

The Fake Look is a movie produced by Fagnum's talented production team. The story is basically based on changes that come in one life from social media to our time from the time of our parents and grandparents. We send chat, video calls, pictures and videos using many social media which we forget to meet with our friends.

We may be able to change our friends, but we cannot replace our grandparents and their love. Nobody else can play their role in our life. Even if we do not give importance to their love, then there is no change in their love.

Fake Look: Looks like losing our close Relationship

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In the movie, there is an old man who has not seen his grandson's face for four months because his son and daughter in law forbid him to meet his grandson. The old man is walking all over the beach near his house, looking for all the happy couples and smiles, praying that they stay together and no one is like his daughter in law. After walking on the beach, he sees a boy who was chatting with his girlfriend on the internet. He tells the boy to make his account on the site, but not with his real name, but rather a very stylish and modern name, because his name was old in the opinion of an old man.

The boy knows that the old man is using his help to make a fake account. Young boys say that creating a fake account is a crime because many people make these fake accounts and then use pictures of girls and post pornographic, abusive things from these accounts and people also believe in these posts is. Then the old man tells that sometimes the fake things can give a small ray of happiness in someone's life.

He explained to the boy how his son and daughter left him and he came to know that four months ago he became a grandfather. He wanted to create a fake account because if he uses his real name, his children will not accept his request. As the old man was leaving the place after blessing the boy, the boy immediately called him Grandfather, it brings smiles to the old man's face and he makes his account.

His daughter in law is always dominated by her son and had no choice but to leave the house and leave his father alone. The old man's wife had died a long time back. Nowadays, women are free, educated and powerful; women play an important role in maintaining the balance of the whole world.

Women take care of homes, offices, and relationships, relationships are created by women. They have the ability to understand them; women are used to doing complex work. Handling relationships are complicated, and thus it is a woman who keeps better than a man and understands them. No doubt the man can also handle them, but Women’s can handle them in a better way.

If she wants, then she can turn a fruitful relationship to the harsh relationships, and if she wants, she can turn the beautiful relationships into broken stars. Women can perform miracles, and in this way, they can spoil the miracle too.

Fake Look for sure is a very thoughtful Movie, which gives a beautiful message to the society. The film throws light on the bondage between a grandfather and his grandson and the relation of one woman. Many of us are not fortunate enough to experience that love, but those who have experienced; they know how pure and unconditional love it is. In this movie, you will see how people show happy face outside, but from inside they are actually not. Behind their smile, they are hiding their tears.

Fake Look is a worth watching movie. Always live with them at every stage of your life and do not force anyone to forget your parents, which is the worst thing anyone can do. I would recommend that everyone must watch this movie at once. The film gives the beautiful message to all people especially to the new generation, that for whatever reason; never leave your parents.

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