Societies Way!

Nida Saqib | 05-Sep-2017

We belong to society, and we should respect it. We should abide by the rules and boundaries which society has made for us. It is for our safety and prosperity. Aunties who keep an eye on us do that for our security and protection from wrong people. Those who keep asking about our career and care for us, and relatives, who keep themselves updated about our marriage, want to see our family happy, and we are blessed to have them. We are blessed to have such limits to live our lives. Isn't it true?

Societies Way

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Our society is amazing because it cares for us so much. It cares so much that it always keeps interrupting in our lives, trying to take decisions for us. It has made standards regarding everything to live by them. We get one life and society wants us to live that according to it. If we take dancing or singing as a career option, it becomes the disaster for society because these things don't come in their list of "good career options". If girls want to do the job till their thirtieth birthday and don't want to marry, then it is dangerous for everyone. For the girl, it will be difficult to reproduce after that, and for her parents, it will be "an issue" because nobody will marry her at that age, and for society "Log Kya Kahenge?". The same aunts who will keep on saying, "what heinous act she is doing" to one another suggest the parents of the girl that "Log Kya Kahenge". And that same aunt will get her daughter married at the age of seventeen, or they may get them married even at the age of fifteen by giving dowry and will proudly tell everyone the amount she paid for selling her daughter to someone unknown to leave her with him forever. Now it's his wish to treat her in a right way or make her do all household work as if she were a maid.

Now, let me bring into your note, the biggest ridiculous thing one can do according to society is 'marrying to someone from a different caste, religion or standard'. Not to speak of society, do this and you will be boycotted by your own parents.

I want to ask 'why to give society so much power?', 'why to let it write your story?', 'why to let it decide for your child in your place?'. Why? 

Why shouldn't we write our stories by our own and be responsible for all the right and wrong decisions we make? Why can't we live freely with no worry about others? Why should we take steps according to others and not according to our will?

Abortion is a short movie showing how wisely we need to take steps according to our will while taking care of society. It shows how stupidly society can destroy lives and relationships, and how poorly people can be forced to hurt their dear ones. It also displays how being a girl and the parents of a girl can be the curse in this society. Have a look at it and let me know your views about it.

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