Girl's existence - Is abortion a solution?

Kaumudi Tripathi | 06-Sep-2017

Long back one of my relatives had visited my home. My dad was showing her the whole house, the garden and soon she entered my room wherein my sister and I were studying. She was shocked to see two of us, asked my father about it, it’s difficult right, you have two girls and only one boy. My father corrected her and said I have three daughters and one son and soon she was shaken. At that moment we got angry, but now I understand what she meant by that. A girl is always a burden for her parents and the society but if she is a burden for everybody then how exactly this world is progressing. Corruption, pollution, population, poverty, unemployment etc may be the biggest problem of the society but they seem lesser a problem in front of Abortion and Female Foeticide.

Our society decides everything on its own, what a girl should wear, she should study or not, she should go out or not, she should continue with her job or not, but believe me these are less important things but then even our society decides whether a girl should be born or not. How can anyone decide someone’s life? How can anyone have that authority?

Our society discriminates between a girl and a boy, a man and a woman according to what? A man is more sufficient and capable to raise the family. Even God when made this earth, would have thought of some balance in our lifestyle. We don’t raise questions on our society but towards God. If Eve would not have existed there would have been no civilization. From the beginning of our life we are being taught to respect women, what respect does she need from you? Have you ever asked her or the person who commands you that?

Respecting her work, respecting her clothes, respecting her choices, respecting her freedom, respecting her decision that she decided you to bring into this world. No all these can come on their own, but the main thing respect her birth and what she is worthy of. She is one individual who has been considered strong enough to continue the evolution. Her only dream is to be your companion, face all situations together, feel strong and be your pillar of strength. Is that too much to ask for?

Remember if woman were not allowed to live then there would have been no Rani Lakshmi Bai, no Mother Teresa, no Sarojini Naidu, no Lata Mangeshkar, no Kalpana Chawla, and even not your mother. Your mother sacrificed all her life just to raise you and not to see you troubled. She cried but always made you smile, she used old clothes but always bought new clothes for you, how many times did she complain about her life? In living our lives we forget the ones who brought us in this world.

Before a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a partner, a friend she is a WOMAN. And she is a woman of power and positive influence, we don’t exist if she doesn’t exist. She dies we will die and yes we are selfish humans we can’t let ourselves into pain isn’t?

This Movie Abortion deals with the same topic but with a different angle. A murder of an unborn child is a sin and a crime but only the child has to die because she is a girl? Her gender decides whether she should live or not. In this movie, the couple is sitting in a confused state wherein they are doubtful about their future and suddenly the girl confesses that she is expecting a child, the guy tries to console the girl and makes her believe that everything will be okay. So with bitter circumstances, they decided to get married but as they reach the bride’s house they could see the anger and unwelcoming attitude from her parents. They ask them to leave the place as the society will not approve their marriage. After a lot of humiliation, they decided to leave the place as there was only hatred which prevailed for them.

On one day, they went for a medical check-up and found that the unborn child’s gender is female, by calculating all the disrespect and abasement which his wife faced during their marriage the husband decides to abort the girl child. And soon he goes to the doctor and asks to abort the child, but then what happens after that, you should go ahead and watch the movie. 

My Rating: ***** (5/5)

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