Abortion - A Deadly Sin

Anuradha Deb | 07-Sep-2017

What is Abortion?

Abortion is the finishing of pregnancy by removing an embryo before it can survive outside the woman's uterus. Abortion occurring voluntarily is also known as miscarriage. Sometimes abortion is caused purposely and is called an induced abortion.

Abortion - A Deadly Sin

Our society, in which we live, is known for looking upon us, taking care of all our surroundings and many more things. But sometimes these societies go over their limits and start making decisions of our lives without our consent. Like in the movie Abortion, the young girl got into the thought that if she marries that guy whom she loves, the members of the societies will start mocking her and telling bad things about her family.

Also, these days when people get into relationships, after some time they start getting physically and emotionally attached to the opposite sex and then do something which they don’t even know how that will affect their life as well as their parent's life. These days teenage pregnancy is increasing and is a serious issue among the youth. The movie Abortion shows that taking steps without prior knowledge or information can become deadly. You have to listen to wreaths by the public; your image gets destroyed.

Secondly, in our country still, in some parts, there is a myth that girls born in family bring bad luck and many other things. Sometimes the child is killed while it is still inside the womb of the women. Other times, the child is killed after she is born. That is why in my opinion sonography should be banned so that no one can know whether the child is a boy or a girl. Also, the people should be educated that girls are better than boys in many ways and can handle themselves way better than a boy does. In the movie by Fagnum, it shows that girls are kept under control and have to do whatever their parents are told where to work, when and whom to marry, whether they should go for higher studies or not. If they don’t listen to them, then they are being called with bad names. The movie gives us a strong message that girls are

Still considered having very low power, influence over society. It also shows that killing of an unborn child is indeed a very big crime. The mentality that forces a man to get an unborn killed is in itself a disease. It is a disease that broke out, filled our lives with soreness, and obliterated tenderness that used to be in some hearts someday. We should not give society or anyone else the power to control our self. We are the ones who know how and when to take decisions which are fruitful and will help us in the long run.

I would rate the movie Abortion 5 on 5 for having a great script and giving the audience a very clear message that whatever the society thinks should not bother us and we should live our life the way we can because after one or two days the society will forget about the past and move on.

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