Gender Criminals

Gender Criminals

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“From broken windows she peeps, liberty is what she seeks; moving ahead with sorrows, she has an unfortunate tomorrow.”

They burned her then, they burn her now, the difference? Back then, they chose funerals, and today they have learnt crueller ways!

We Indians do respect women, we bow ahead of our mighty goddesses, we show utmost sincerity towards our mothers and we do protect our sisters, but then? Daughters? No, Indian society does not celebrate the birth of a daughter? Daughters are not productive; a post-dated cheque that has to be paid in future, a burden. Throw them in a drain? Or drown them down in milk? Or better destroy her in the womb, “abort” her!

It won’t be surprising to hear it from a rich fat illiterate aunt of yours because we still typically do comprise of such filthy mentalities and polluted mouths that are dirtier than those literate slums that this society abandons!

Nelson Mandela has once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world.”

Traditions, we have traditions, a proper guideline to everything, disrobing a lady in a court or forcing a lady to pass through the fire to prove her purity? We have seen it all!

We don’t kill her now, we do give them birth because after all, someone needs to clean the home, and kitchen can’t run without a lady, and yes she can marry to be a birth giver as well? But there is more to her than this, from joining bridges to measuring the limits of the sky, she can save a life, she can fight and defend, she can do what most coward men can’t, she has the power!

Truly, India is changing, they aborted her earlier; now they even molest her, humiliate her, and attack her with weapons. “They do sins with her in the darkest and quietest of closed rooms and ask for forgiveness from her in the brightest and loudest temples, such hypocrites.”

With caged wings and shackled dreams, she keeps her foot ahead with attention and is still dragged into a state of depression.

Giving birth to a girl is undoubtedly a challenging task, with her comes her responsibility, the risk of keeping her safe from the vultures roaming around, she demands utmost care and wishes to be nurtured like a delicate seed. And when nurtured properly, she can reap the sweetest of the fruits that one day might mesmerize the world!

On a similar note, Fagnum introduces a short movie Abortion that defines the current state of teenage pregnancy, the consequences and the stereotypical Indian mindset.  

It’s high time to know that having a girl is the most blessed fortune that one may have in a lifetime because the one who can give rise to a new soul is sacred. Every girl is a glowing star with her own charm and gloss, never let anyone dull her charisma.

“So be proud girls, because princesses’ always have their chins up.”

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