Fake Look

Dhruv Pathak | 09-Sep-2017

DR. ABDUL KALAM DIED, that was a shocking event, our lovable ex-president, whose contribution to the nation was immense. He had a vision for his country INDIA, which he shared with the world through the book INDIA 2020: A VISION FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM and it's already 2017, and how close are we to achieve our goals towards the INDIA visualised by DrAPJ KALAM? I don’t think even a bit. As the vision he had, can only be achieved when we have people like him, “PEOPLE LIKE HIM”. I, do not signify his knowledge but his values, his attitude, his respect, his ways, adapting to which is not everybody’s cup of tea because being a good human being had always been difficult than being a good professional.

Fake Look

Today we live in a society where my car will tell my social status, the money I spend on feeding and entertaining hundreds or thousands of random guests in the marriage of our children will earn me respect in the society. The clothes I wear in public matters more to the people than my thoughts, they judge me by my clothes. Candle marches are held at different places in the country, a wave of justice spreads across the nation, thousands of people come to the streets to do that, but the fact is we have anti-social filthy minds standing right beside us in that bloody march,quite a few dirty morons are still present there, holding candles in their hand but mentally abusing a girl from the crowd.  

When a SO CALLED RELIGIOUS LEADER “baba”, is jailed for a rape case, HIS SO CALLED FOLLOWERS come onto streets and burn down the city. I mean REALLY?? can you see the difference when there is an actual need of a rebel movement, we go for a PEACEFULL candle march, and when we have to support something truly justified, we go mad at that respective decision burning down the city.

And then we talk about values, rituals, customs, traditions. We say, our land is pure, its traditions are of immense spirituality. Come on people, there is a thing called COMMON SENSE, we are just looking at the things going crazy around us, we can very well sense that they are devastating, but we cannot act against them.This very well explains that some thing is wrong happening around us or maybe “INSIDE US”.

People say, the current generation is spoiled because of the advancements in technology, they blame smart phones, the internet, social media. I don’t find any of these responsible for turning your kid into a spoiled brat. You see, the time has changed, the current generation is way more liberal in their thoughts. Their way of thinking and tackling to situations is very different than that of their parents. THERE IS A WORD CALLED “CHANGE”, coming generation need not to adapt according to it as they are born in the “change”, but the previous generations need to change their ways of bringing up their child. That silly girl boy thing does not matter to today’s generation, they don’t really care about their caste and all, a girl’s priority is her education and a secure future rather than marriage, whereas her marriage is the biggest responsibility for her parents as soon as she turns 24. Well, they need to understand that, their traditional ways of parenthood won't work now, parents need to break that one limit gap between their child and themselves, they need to have an open conversation. Today a child having a question, if curious enough, prefer Google or friends over his parents to get the answer. This thing is very dangerous to the society. ICE MUST BE BROKEN for a social development, is we develop socially, prosperity will automatically be established.

Even in the movie “FAKE LOOK”(MOVIE LINK- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIcbni97dcM&t=202s) to which the title refers, the old man is judged by the public, he is happy to see a couple happy, but his happiness isn't tolerable to that couple. The generation gap has so widened that he has lost faith in his own name. He cannot remain himself, what he truly is, rather he just pretends to be someone who is way different than the real him.

Concluding, at last, the dual personality, fake behaviour, generation gap, jealousy, ill feelings, greed etc. all these negative elements of human behaviour are contributing to further degradation of society. This needs to be cured, and treatment needs to begin individually from oneself, that's the only way we can reverse FAKE LOOK, by creating a TRUE LOOK.

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