Abortion a battle against ideologies

Amit Singh | 10-Sep-2017

I watched a movie recently, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, in which Abhay Deol chides his father, “(Agar Paal Nahi Sakte To Paida hi Kyu Kiya) If you can't nourish, then why did you bother to give birth to me?”, Although that was said humorously. But it is a serious issue to be attended to. After that, I came across a short movie, based on abortion, at Fagnum. The story unfolds the stereotypes of society which discourage a girl child. In that short movie, published on the website, Fagnum unfolds everything in a beautiful way.

Abortion a battle against ideologies

A young woman, who was quite anxious, was sitting by a beach, and then comes her boyfriend who asks, "why are you looking tense?". She replies that she is expecting a child. Eventually, they both get married, but when they reach her parents' home, her parents deny to accept them. They rush from there bearing the garnishment of the people. They settle down. Then they visit a doctor to get the progress of their child examined. The doctor says to them that the child is doing good and it's a girl. While they are walking through the lanes of the clinic, the past starts springing in the mind of the husband, leading him to talk to their doctor about the possibility of the abortion, because he did not want their unborn to suffer the humiliation which his wife was going through. But his wife overhears their conversation and says that she will not go for any abortion. She reiterates and her husband repeatedly objects her. She somehow realises that she was only in a dream. Her husband then consoles her that they will not go for the Abortion. This evil trade has come through the fiction, is the harsh reality of our society. The reason behind looming a large number of girl abortions is that our society differentiates male and female. It is a belief in our society that girls are considered consumers and boys are considered to be producers. Parents think that one day she has to go, by leaving everything behind, so they shriek away from investing for a girl child. With boys, they think that he will fetch them financially and morally. Boys are looked upon as wealth of the family while girls are considered some burden or responsibility. It was girls who glorified Indian national flag at Rio Olympics. The whole of the nation was glued to TV sets when PV Sindhu was playing for the gold at Rio. It was through Indian women's cricket team success that we Indians were coping the pains of champions trophy final loss of men's cricket team. If our mentality is that girls only consume, why were we expecting Gold from PV Sindhu and Mithali Raj's team? Money doesn't change our lifestyles, it just gives us choices. So, we spend our money where we can find abortion clinics. It provides us with a matter of choice and we choose boys rather than girls. That is understood by the sex ratio of graduate mothers, which is lower than the national sex ratio. A crime is a crime irrespective of its nature. It can't hold on to any justifications. Indian society is more keen to myths. Their belief is such that if you go by them, you can also find a way to change the law of nature. Some people take recluse in forming the exclamation that they are in dire need of this, citing the reason of disability. How Illogical this is. This is the heists of crimes, a well-planned murder. Myths are created and practised according to needs. Look at some socially ill myths around a girl child. They say God forbid that day when we drink the water of our daughters' house. Who will take care in an old age? The basic reason for creating this kind of stereotypes was that people were self-centred; they invested for a boy child because they knew that they would get it returned while they shrewd away from investing for a girl child in the name of that one day on which she has to go to another house. In every census, the sex ratio is decreasing.

From 97 it has dropped down to 933. There are many other factors alongside myths. Education is one of the major factors. On one hand, Kerala ranks top in male/female ratio; on the other hand, Haryana and Bihar claim below level. Until the time the idea of equality with a girl child does not change, the myth around a girl child abortion will not stop. It's also unfortunate in India where people search for the girl child in Navratras to effectuate their ceremony. The evil of abortions has come down to the level where we need to search for a girl child. It would have been better if instead of searching we were in a position of inviting them. The ultrasound technique was invented to see the better growth of the child. But unfortunately, it is used as something that determinates genders. The literacy rate has increased over the time, but the sex ratio has fallen down so the problem is somewhere else. Money, dowry, patriarchy, all are the real exponents of abortion. There are laws against dowry and abortion, but they are still in practice. There could be two reasons for it: either the laws or the people involved in that are too weak. Both hide each other. Their misdeeds lead to this evil practice, which is so prevalent in our society. The people involved in abortions should be accused of murders and the doctors should not reveal the identity of the unborn at any cost.

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