Abortion and old age loneliness - the upcoming social calamity

Rachna Singh | 11-Sep-2017

In this fast paced life of modern times, we are all very busy. India, being a developing nation, is plagued by various social problems which, in the long run, cause hindrances in the goal of our nation of becoming a global super power. Poverty, dowry, infant deaths, abortions, old people, being left to fend for themselves, etc., are some of the hurdles that have been holding up our nation from reaching the zenith.

Abortion and old age loneliness - the upcoming social calamity

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Today everyone is so busy in the rat race that we tend to forget that it’s the family which matters and has our back. At the end of the day, a family is a place where we return and get rid of our stress amidst the love and care of our near and dear ones.

During such competitive times, a nuclear family set up is what we see all around. The young generation of today is completely unaware of the love, and pampering of grandparents as old grandparents are often left out in the nuclear family scenario.

An old age is such a phase of life that people long to stay with their families. During such times, being secluded from one’s own near and dear ones is like a stab in the heart which has to be born every single day.

The love and care of family bind it together and give it the strength to tide over difficult situations. Many times, the old grandparents can do nothing but just long to be with their children’s family. A family is that part of society which happens to be the very first point of interaction and learning for the child. Imbalances in a family eventually reflect in society.

Doting grandparents are what kids love. The absence of grandparents usually lead to children not getting to experience the childhood which we had –moral stories from the Panchatantra, Ramayana, Mahabharata and other epics, being told by grandma, old experiences of the grandparents, being cajoled by the grandparents when scolded by parents, etc.

We should hence contrive to keep the familial virtues in our family as well as society on the whole intact and work towards reaching our goal of leading a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life. Fagnum’s short film, Fake Look deals with this serious issue seen in our society today.

Among the many other social evils plaguing our society is aborting the female foetus. The strange thought that the girl child is a liability for her parents and society as a whole is the root cause of this malpractice.

Even today some fragments of our society expect a boy child’s birth from newlywed or expecting couples. After stringent measures, the government has now been able to declare the determination of sex of the foetus illegal and a crime punishable by law. Yet, there are some hospitals and clinics which continue doing this even today.

What society has to understand is that if you abort the female foetus or kill the infant girl child, then society itself will crash down due to the failure of many social institutions like marriage, population imbalances, etc. Abortion, female foeticide synonyms of each other, and infant girl deaths are responsible for the poor sex ratio of our country today. According to the population census of 2011, there were 940 females for every 1000 males in our country.

A girl is as much an integral part of society as the boy. She is in no way a liability on her parents or society. Rather, a girl is that blessing ushered upon society by the creator with the unique power to procreate. Girls today are successful in whichever field they are associated with. The Defence Minister as well the Foreign Affairs Minister of our nation are women and are doing their job mighty well.

Abortion and old age loneliness - the upcoming social calamity

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Fagnum’s latest short film, “ABORTION”, deals with this issue in a very delicate yet convincing way. Abortions are never a step to be undertaken, as life is precious and every girl child should be given a chance to live her life to the fullest without any restrictions. Equality and liberty are the birth right of one and all. The girl child whenever given the full scope to grow, reaches not only for herself but for the family as well as society at large.

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