Are Girls Losing Their Basic Fundamental and Human Rights - Abortion

Atish Chowdhury | 12-Sep-2017

I am totally shattered and disappointed by reading the unfortunate and horrific tales of those countless murders of infant girls by their own parents in the form of infanticide and foeticides in India.

Contrary, it may sound, the land that has thousands and lakhs of female gods and deities, whom the entire nation worships 24x7, has a stark reality of girls’ continuous insult, atrocities and humiliation in one way or other.

Even after seven decades of India’s independence, girls are yet to get emancipation from the worst form of savagery that they face in the form of brutal foeticides, psychological torments and infanticides.

Are Girls Losing Their Basic Fundamental and Human Rights? ? Abortion

Is a Girl Burden for Her Parents?

If any one of you feels that the answer to the above question is affirmative, then I am really sorry to say that you deserve to be outcast from the very society where you live in. Common, it is the 21st century and whoever, still, find the difference between girls and boys, is really not a sane person for sure!

Many often, we blame “patriarchal” mindset for whatever wrong happens to a woman. But it is not as simple as that. The preconceived notions about girls and the component of illiteracy with backward mentality are throwing this great nation into the gloomy tunnels of dark ages – with no visible exit point anytime soon. The time has arrived to stand up for what is right and fight back what is wrong.

This ABORTION movie is exactly a tight slap on the face of the society that judges girls on the basis of their characters, dress codes and coterie of friends or late night parties. The reality is, without girls and women a human civilization is impossible. They are the creators of life and should be aptly respected and judged on the basis of merits and skills only – nothing else.

Have Girls Lost All Rights to Live with Dignity?

No matter, what a society compels a woman to do or relegates her status to just a house wife only, as a matter of fact, girls are an indispensable element to any society. Girls should stand up for their rights and fight tooth and nail against all the horrendous form of tortures that several girls face in India day in and day out.

If needed, necessary legislation should be formulated by the courts and parliaments to uphold women’s dignity and bring the perpetrators to justice.

In this film, a girl and a boy are going through a serious of constant anxieties as they love each other a lot, but they are sure that their parents won’t approve their imminent marriage. Interestingly, the film also deals with the burning issue of “teenage pregnancy”, which, mostly, grabs eyeballs in a conservative society like that of ours.

What is the Crime of an Unborn Girl?

The film interestingly proceeds, as the girl informs her lover that she is pregnant. Girl’s parents completely disown her, and society also humiliates her as she conceived premarital pregnancy – a taboo in India. Finally, the duo decided to get court marriage.

After the marriage, the couples went to a hospital to talk to a gynaecologist about their future child. The doctor revealed that they will have a girl child soon. The newly married couple was fully devastated.

Since the society was not conducive for the birth of a girl child so they decided to go for an ABORTION or the SILENT MURDER of that baby girl in the fetus itself. Now, what happens next will blow your mind away. Watch the film now.

“No animals ever discriminate between their babies; be it a girl or boy. Humans should also learn “something” from them”.

My Rating: ***** (5/5)

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