Fierce yet factual - Fake Look!

Shawna Guha | 12-Sep-2017

How often do we get a chance of a face to face encounter with someone from a completely different period? What if that person questions the very basic nature of our generation itself? Are we in a position to handle the same? Let’s ponder over the question while speaking about the short film from Fagnum Productions - Fake Look! This film in a way brings us, the present generation, to the brink of realisation regarding certain fundamental values of life through the version of someone from the previous generation. In other words, it is more or less a film showing the shade of one of the most burning issues of all times - Generation Gap! Yet again, it is not just this issue that it showcases but a lot more that we gradually explore.

Fierce yet factual - Fake Look!

First and foremost, it is wise to say that the short film is not like those stereotypical generation gap movies that we are used to watch generally. The movie starts with the walk of an old man along the beach who keeps observing the various activities of the younger generation around him. As he does so, he undergoes a series of heart-wrenching experiences that are bound to make anyone thinking about the fact - are we, the so-called progressive generation really so heartless and haughty at times that we tend to be forgetful about our own fellow beings? The film has beautifully depicted the actions and reactions of the two conflicting generations. It has indeed brought out the fact that our way of perceiving our surroundings and the humans around us is actually giving us our true identity. It will definitely make you question yourself - Why do we always twist and turn the behavioural characteristics of the people from the older generation? Is it really so hard to simplify everything?

Coming to another very interesting feature of the film - the name! The ‘Fake Look’ is indeed at first an eye-opener towards the incidence of fake profiles that are spread widely across the virtual world nowadays, but at the same time, that’s not all! The word ‘Fake’ impregnates much more in it that unfolds eventually as the short film comes to a close and once we discover the same in the end, we are left nothing but speechless! It points out the ‘faking’ nature of our generation who keeps mouthing words of love but shows its true colours when it comes to caring for our parents who have reared us up to what we really are today. But at the same time, we can also be hopeful of the fact that not the whole of younger generation is ‘faking’ and there are still some souls sensitive enough to feel for elders as well. The film has wonderfully portrayed these varying shades of the Gen Y through the journey of the old man who finally manages to harness hope for happiness holding the hands of a stranger, who also happens to be from the generation same as that of his son. Hence, the film makes you morose as well as merry at the same time and we all love to hunt out hope in our lives isn’t it? At times, it packs in some light humour while revealing the reality at the same time. In a nutshell, the film is a tiny yet tasty tale that you’ll surely love to catch up any moment and that will invariably trigger thoughts for the rest of the day. So, sit back and soak yourself in the soulful rendition of Fake Look that will add a potpourri of virtues and vices in your life.

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