Shweta Yadav | 13-Sep-2017

Being a mother is beautiful feeling in the world. But nowadays when people get into some affection or in some relationships, after some time they start getting physically and emotionally attached to the partner and then they do something that can affect their life or destroy the life of parent's.


After the mistake of pregnancy, there is no option except abortion. Abortion is legal in our country, but annually 68,000 women die due to abortion. According to WHO (World Health Organisation), every 8 minutes a woman in a developing country will die of complications arising from an unsafe abortion. Despite of abortion, they can plan for someone's life, they can save the one's life. It can affect mother mentally and will be very hurtful.

Also in our country still in some part, there is a myth that girl is a bad luck in the family. They kill her before the birth which is abortion and they kill her after birth too. They do sonography to know the sex and if it is a girl then they do abortion. So, by my opinion sonography should be banned for decreasing this rate of abortion. Girls are always a type of hunt in this case.

In this modern era male and female both are equal. Despite of killing girls, we should support gender equality.

Abortion refers to the termination of a pregnancy by removing the fetus from the uterus before it gets ready for birth. This is in very unsafe and illegal manner, so this contributes to 14% of all deaths of women's; this rise mainly due to complication. Every year, worldwide about 42 million women choose abortion and nearly half of these procedure 20 million are unsafe and dangerous.

Because of society and thinking of some privileged, it leads to this kind of things. We should believe in the ability of a girl child, let them try in their passion, they are not lesser than any one on earth We should provide them good education, manners and most importantly make them a good human being, which will lead to humanity on earth.

Those who have aborted girl child because of thinking that they are not able to survive or they are something wrong in their life, they are kind of bad luck or burden will be served by their karma.

Believe in the ability of every children and stop this abortion, this will give rise to a developed country.

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