The Mask - look carefully before you judge

Jyotsana | 13-Sep-2017

Most adults think a mask is a child's toy but seldom do they know that they themselves wear a mask all the time. The naive definition of a mask is a cover which hides your real face. Children use it for amusement but adults use it to hide their malicious intent from the world. In this negative thinking world almost everyone would say be original don't wear a mask but as the common saying goes "Never Judge a book by its cover" similarly one should not always think of the mask in a negative way.

The Mask - look carefully before you judge

In this modern world, the youth are impatient and demand immediate change. Little do they know that it takes years to judge a custom, which has been prevalent in our society? For example an astrologer was earlier respected as regarded as a divine and knowledgeable person capable of performing extra ordinary tasks but as times have changed there has been various movies like "Lage Raho Munna Bhai" or "PK" and various stories like the "An Astrologer's Day" by R. K. Narayan, which have heavily criticised the role of the astrologer. It's not that those movies or stories are wrong but they only show the negative aspect of the astrologer. The main thing one forgets to see the good side which the hope which an astrologer can give to a person. The hope which one gets when there is no other way out of a problem is immensely important as it gives strength when one cannot go on. Thus again we come to our theme of fake look where we see there is always a hidden story beneath every bad look.

Now let's shift from an abstract topic of an astrologer to a more specific example of fake look which is the current ambitious generation. Earlier in the olden day's people were content and happy with what they had and achieved in life but the never satisfied youth of today have a never quenching thirst for success, money, fame, power, and other lavish requirements. The saddest part is the current generation is ungrateful as once their motive is met they will never turn back and look at their supporters and people who had helped them succeed. People are forgetting their own uniqueness and just following the crowd like sheep. For example in India if one person says I want to be an Engineer or Doctor then almost ninety percent of people who hear that saying will also "baa" like sheep's and will also want to be an engineer or doctor. The worst part of all this sheep talk is that the youth now put on a mask of happiness and pretend to be happy and also their parents also just to keep their face in front to society need to put on such a mask.

All the materialistic demands of life are like drugs, alcohol, and cigarette. It's highly addictive, once someone gets a taste of success they never stop craving for more. This addiction leads to a detrimental effect for all people surrounding the addicted person mainly their parents. With this said the short movie Fake Look portrays the concept of the mask. It has a very deep message hiding behind all the audio and video just like the mask concept. It stars an old man who has a very innocent face walking on the beach. It’s day time and we see young couples enjoying and having a good time. It starts off on a positive note but we soon realise the intention of the old man is not good. With clever use of music and acting, we suddenly start to think of the old man as a creep. Our assumptions are true when the old man asks a young guy to make a fake account so that he can become popular on social media but at the end, we understand looks can be quite deceptive. With a clever twist at the end, we come to a happy ending in the short movie.

The movie displays the true meaning of Fake Look and the mask concept. I would give the short movie a 9.5 rating out of 10. Making it a must watch a short movie by all. It is also thrilling and climactic. Moreover, the movie depicts a very important lesson for the current society which everyone should know and understand.

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