Enlightened Murderers

Ayush Sinha | 14-Sep-2017

"I can see within my partner the face of the unborn. I know that it is time to choose the right path. While I am yearning for the happiness of the soul that is within me, the paths are tantalizing me. One loses patience when one needs to have it most, and that is what is happening to me. The paths, although they are tantalizing, are secluded. Maybe the child, which is within me, will get affected because of the things that are happening. The child may be abnormal as well, but I would now stand by my partner. No matter what happens, we are both holding each other’s hands", said Kamini, the victim of an acid attack.

Enlightened Murderers

It is indeed a very different case. A lady, when she has a child within her, is attacked by the family members of her own partner, and it is just because the family members couldn't accept the relationship. Which era are we living in? It shows the mentality that rules over us. It is not even a little intricate to understand that we are pretending that we are pretending. We are hiding what is not hidden at all. Which worship is that which lets one kill others on the understanding that one just needs to understand rituals? Which god does make one kill others on the understanding that one only needs to worship that god? I accept that the world is perfect, but a society indeed needs to move forward and make itself a haven. Elusive are such things to some people. Some of us can't even understand that beauty lies within, and one who can’t even love men and women, who can be seen, can never love that God, who can't even be seen.

If a girl gets accepted by the family members of her partner, she is asked to abort the unborn. If the family doesn’t accept, it somehow wants to obliterate everything that may defame it; before that family, there is always an option of killing that girl. We call ourselves educated, for we are so intellectual. The nation thinks of becoming a superpower with its people with such a great mentality. Such sapiens feel proud of themselves; after all, killing an unborn or the mother is really a very courageous act. We should be ashamed of such a society, for we are responsible for this ourselves. If we had come forward when the mothers were in need of a haven, there would not be such goons in society today. They are a curse to our nation and in our lives. I look forward to the day when a girl will not have any need to get scared just because there is a soul within her. Truly has some great soul said that the real service of God is in the service of men and women. Let us all come forward. Let nobody look on. We will change society, for we are ready to become the change.

Abortion and Fake look are the movies Fagnum wants to bring about the change through. Although the bucket of awareness is totally empty, I appreciate it that it became a drop to be in that bucket.

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