Honour Killing

Hardi Patel | 15-Sep-2017

The name ‘abortion' is provoking to the Indian audience. Here, ‘provoking' means attracting Indian people to know what is this story about. The question is why? Because we are not allowed to use this kind of words in our vicinity. When you are keen about topics like pregnancy, STDs etc. Indian society gets hurt. Even intercaste marriages are not acceptable in some ‘highly qualified' families.

It is said that humans tend to be more curious about things which are hidden or believed to be a taboo. In our culture, most of the parents do not talk about puberty. The changes in physique during puberty are discussed nowhere. So we tend to get knowledge from outsiders.

We never talk about these issues. Our silence proves that "something is bad." in a teenager's mind. When little children ask about anything we shut them up by scolding "From where did you gain knowledge of such things?"

"Who are your friends?"

"Are you engaged in a bad company?"

The child feels guilty for asking questions & later he or she stops asking it & assumes on his or her own.

Another stereotype is that "Girls are the burden." Why are they burden? Usually, they are lighter in weight than her brother himself. (I know, lame joke!) This cliché is hereditary; I think every Indian is born with this one sentence written on his head "Girls are the burden." and the disbelief continues!

Okay so, as I have attacked enough on our mindsets (even on my own mindset too); I would like to proceed with my views on this short movie. I am not going to write here the numbers or percentage of girl children killed per day or the comparison of ratios of abortions in various states. Because I know, no one is interested in those surveys. But in case you are interested, I would suggest you to pay some ‘Guru Dakshina' to Google Baba.

So here are the details about this short movie:

Honour Killing

Cast: Manish Mishra, Shital Upare, Jayesh Bheraji, Anjana Mittal

Time: 10 minutes 46 seconds

Director: Vinit Mishra, Aneek Sinha

Associate Director: Santosh Behara

Director of photography: Prashant Mishra

Concept and Editor: Manish Mishra

Plot :

It all starts with a girl sitting and thinking (read: worrying) about something seriously bothering; at the very first time, I thought she is under PMS (Do not forgive my lame predictions please!)

And then you see the location! All full of lush green and clear atmosphere. It seemed like it rained just before a few minutes ago. Fresh sky, a lake surrounded by rocks and little newly born baby grass.

Our female protagonist Diksha is worried and there comes the male protagonist who enters from the back and asks her "What is the matter?" And she starts crying and confesses that she is expecting.

And here the whole journey begins! What will they do further? Will he leave her alone on her own or marry her? Or (The most horrible one) will they abort the child? Will Diksha's orthodox parents will permit this marriage?

Now I am going to discuss merits and demerits of the whole movie.

Please hit the link to watch this short movie


This movie reflects light on another topic which is never discussed and that is everyone's all-time favourite ‘sex before marriage'. It all depends on one's opinions and responsibilities. But it would be a conscience if one can handle this whole issue maturely and with the enough sense of responsibility. Do not act like a human from "Baba Adam Ka Zamana" like those ladies did when the newly married couple was leaving the apartment. It feels like an alien. There are two options :

1) Accepting & be flexible

2) Judging

Most people do judge cause it is easy.


As a girl, I have experienced many clichés in my life. I have always been a rebellion in my teenage state. I still remember an incident from my teenage life; the girlfriends of my friend circle had once decided to go and watch a movie in a theatre. They asked me; I tell them back that I will ask my parents & seek for permission! They laughed and told me that I am no more a little girl. I felt bad and angry at my parents for being my parents! At home, I asked for the permission. As expected, the whole mission went flop & they clearly denied and told me that I am too young to go & watch movies in theatre with friends and I am not able to recognize the true faces of people outside. I used to tell them that I don't even want to know people inside or outside the theatre; I just want to know the people in the movie okay? And then I used to get sullen for hours.

I still laugh whenever I recall these type of incidents. Now as an adult, I don't have to seek permission for everything I want to do. Now, I get my parents' perspective and can understand the reasons behind each and every ‘NOs' I have heard.

The sole purpose of telling this life experience (read: lecture) was to tell you that parents are Hitlers! LOL! Okay so sole purpose of telling this was to tell you that parents are not always wrong (and right too!)

So I would like to recommend this movie as it's totally free and worth watching.

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